This year’s jamboree was held in Prince George from August 15th to 20th with the AGM being on the 20th. Participants started to arrive from the 11th on. There were 119 people registered with 9 additional V.I.P.s. Self-guided and guided rides were offered throughout the week. The weather was a mixed bag of sun, rain and hail which provided riders with lots of fun stories to tell. No one thought there was a water shortage. Hey at least there was no dust! A ride to Wells was also offered through the week. The riders that went said they had an awesome time. On Friday the 19th a rodeo event was held on site. This was a fun event with no pressure except to have fun. Riders didn’t disappoint as there was lots of laughter and cheering from everyone.

Friday evening a wine and cheese social was held. With great food and wine everyone had a good time socializing and some of the lucky ones won door prizes. Gordon Galloway from Elkford won the top prize and this was only the beginning of his luck.

The V.I.P. ride was held on Saturday morning with local dignitaries, club presidents and the media. In the afternoon the AGM was held with guest speakers attending.

The Saturday evening banquet preparations began early in the day with Chef Bryan Ash starting the pig roast. By the time supper time rolled around we were all more than ready to sample Bryan’s cuisine. He put on a fabulous meal with roast pig and a hip of beef with all the trimmings and his cake was ‘to die for’. This was all prepared on site by Bryan and his crew except for the cake which he made at home. Thanks to Bryan & Lesley and crew.

There were several door prizes drawn after the banquet meal this time with Audrey Galloway from Elkford winning the top prize, a very nice barbecue.

Sunday the 21st we held a Poker Ride that was open to jamboree participants and the public. This also was a lot of fun and you guessed it Gordon Galloway won the top prize with the best poker hand!

This jamboree was a huge success thanks to the people that attended, the generous sponsors and the handful of volunteers that made it happen. Every day at the jamboree I was amazed by these volunteers and their positive attitude towards fun, safe ATVing and the success of the jamboree. Every time a task came up they pitched in without hesitation.

All our efforts put into the jamboree were given back to us by the warmth, affection, kindness and offers of help extended to us by the wonderful people attending. Thank you all very much for helping make this 2011 jamboree the success that it was. You are the best!

Wells trip line up



Rodeo Event – Blind Faith




 Rodeo Event – Panty Hose Hustle