ATVBC AGM reports
Planning for the 2022 AGM is underway and ATVBC is inviting clubs to share details about their club’s activities, successes, and struggles over the past year, and plans for the coming year.
Your annual club report provides value to ATVBC, other clubs, and assist with ATVBC planning as report information identifies needs, best practices and issues of common concern.
Suggested topics could include:
  1. Membership update – growth/decline and identification of reason for growth/decline (to help other clubs realize common issues or identify best practices)
  2. Grants/funding received and project information
  3. Other projects completed or underway
  4. Recognition or similar kudos club has received
  5. Shout-out to volunteers from your club
  6. Upcoming plans for the coming year
While clubs are invited to provide feedback at any time, reports submitted for the ATVBC AGM report are published externally and arrive in time for further discussion after the AGM, at the ATVBC Director/Staff planning meeting (Fall 2022).  Please submit your report, in writing, to [email protected] no later than July 10, 2022.
Reports approved by the ATVBC Board of Directors will form part of the agenda package that will be distributed several days in advance of the AGM.  Please include contact details for a club representative who will answer questions that arise from the report (before or after the meeting).

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