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-Administrative duties, adoption of minutes, election officers and new appointees on the board.


-New president  Jacques Poirier from New Brunswick.


-First time since 2008 that all 10 Provinces were represented at the meeting.


-committees were struck  on the following topics:

  1. a) Budget
  2. b) National ATV Safety Week
  3. c) Safety/CASI training & education
  4. d) Strategy

Oasis Insurance:  Keith BOSSAER called in and discussed the Instructor Insurance package for teaching CASI.

ATVBC/Federation liability insurance will cover the instructor.  However, if the instructor is teaching a private class, the Federation insurance does not cover you as the instructor.  The latter scenario the instructor must carry their own insurance or partner with other CASI instructors. Keith would put a package together for the group of instructors. Keith provided an example as  6 instructors, 2 million liability, for a $1000.00. For 5 million coverage it would be 25% more. If you did not partner and requested liability insurance for one instructor it would be $ 400.00 – $500.00 per year.This must be renewed annually.

“NOTE “AQCC & CHOV have identified the CASI safety course as the program they recognize and support.  AQCC  & CHOV insist this program is used. AQCC gets a percentage of money from the materials sold in the training package. It is strongly requested by AQCC that the CASI program be implemented.

Conference Call from Jeff BANGS who was hired by AQCC to summarize their , status,  what they have done, and where they are going to.

-reduction of goals

-priority of objectives

*** safety-Casi****

**** improving the image of quadding( motorized sport)*****


Wayne DAUB’s contract is renewed at $30,000.00 per year for 20 hrs a week for AQCC.. MCC is also partnering,using him for 20 hrs a week.  Details of the agreement, contractor vs employee are being finalized.


October 29th, 2015


We attended Prairie City State Park which is approximately 300 acres. It is a multi use facility hosting, 4×4 training site,  Motocross track, ATV track and trails system, trials  motorcycle course and a go cart track.  It had a huge staging area with picnic tables, and toilets. This facility hosts large events up to 30,000 persons. They are booked to full capacity for large venues. E.G. Hangtown, very large Motocross event.

Funding is acquired from the following process:

– Daily users are charged $5.00 per day to use the park facility.

-74% of their overall funding is derived from gas tax from the State.

-10% of the money from the large venues is taken.

The have recently purchased an additional 700 acres.

This facility is staffed by 24 full time workers including a environmental scientist. They are very aware of erosion, reclamation and environmental issues.  Additional staff are hired in the peak time.

We were provided use of very small ATVs to drive in the facility while waiting on our management tour.


There are 4 studies on economic benefit, and various aspects of off road vehicle use in Canada. They are either done or will be completed shortly. These studies will be available to all quadding associations free.  They are being done in  Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Oksana advised the Ontario study was done a few years back but is available upon request.  Contact persons to obtain these studies can be determined from Wayne Daub of AQCC.

Prepared by Barbara HOLLEY & Ralph MATTHEWS

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