What do you do when you see this? Report it!

The Joss Tsuius Mabel Mountain area was open to ATV activity but is now closed. Ride responsibly!

We all know this isn’t right, this trail in the alpine is in the now closed Joss-Tsuius-Mabel Mountain area (see below). Years ago the trail was a responsible trail, just wide enough for an ATV or pickup but over the years the trail has become a muddy disgrace.

ATV Club Members – Respectful Riders

As members of an ATV Club you’re likely not the cause of the problem, the vast majority of our club members understand the rules and respect others and the areas we ride. There are a number of things that you can do every time you ride to help keep riding areas open including:

  • don’t ride in closed areas
  • stay on the trail
  • respect other trail users and neighbours
  • be mindful that you are making noise, keep it to a minimum
  • ensure you’re not transporting noxious weeds from one area to another
  • stay clear of wildlife
  • ride safely and look out for others

Stay on the Trail or Stay Home!

One of the key principles of protecting our riding areas is to always stay on the trail. If there is a tree across the trail you cut it, you don’t ride around. If the puddle looks deep you either ride through it or turn around, you don’t ride around. If you’re out riding and you see people damaging the environment get a photo (if you can safely do so) so you can report the offender. ATV Clubs supported the implementation of license plates so we could have a way of identifying problem makers.