Guiding Principles and Values

The Association subscribes to the following guiding principles and values:


We support the principles of a sustainable environment and will not consciously carry out or support any activities that will lead to a detrimental effect on the diverse ecosystems of our province


We are passionate in our commitment to the sport.  We will strive to improve the perceptions of the sport through advocating safe and environmentally responsible riding while working with all to the greater benefit of the sport.


We are honest and straightforward in all that we do.  We treat everyone with dignity and respect.  We act responsibly with the resources entrusted to us.  We are accountable and act in accordance with these values.


Accountability is the ongoing process of assessing the effectiveness with which the Association meets the standards and expectations that have been established by our membership.  Further the Board of Directors and employees have a mutual responsibility for the quality and scope of the services provided to the sport and our membership as well as for honest stewardship of the resources entrusted to us.


In order to generate an environment of trust in which individuals can work together successfully, information is to be freely shared throughout our organization using multiple communications channels.  Effective communication involves stating facts and opinions clearly, listening critically, asking for necessary clarifications and providing feedback that is respectful of other’s opinions and sensibilities.  At all levels we have the responsibility to communicate openly and honestly as receivers and senders of information.


We recognize and celebrate the similarities and differences in our members, clubs, communities, programs and ideas.  We value diversity because it promotes learning, enriches our relationships and sport and enhances our ability to solve problems and make decisions.

Efficient and Effective Systems

The Quad Riders ATV Association of B.C. will strive to provide to effective and responsible stewardship and management of its responsibilities and of the Associations resources by maintaining an open decision making environment participating in collaborative action, developing mutual respect among members and employees, making decisions in a timely manner and achieving membership goals.

Participatory Governance

All members of the Association are encouraged to accept their personal obligation to participate in this process through active involvement in governance activities.  Such collaboration promotes creative problem solving, greater acceptance of decisions made and a more trusting environment as we honor differences as common ground is built.