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Quad Riders and ATVers—Prepare to Ride

No alcohol, drugs and ride, our motto to be.
Wide spaces, mountain trails and scenery to see.
Don’t forget your essentials, of safety equipment for us.
Helmets, goggles, warm clothes, rain gear and a mask for dust.

First aid kit, survival gear, tow rope and fuel is a must.
Emergency food, water and take a buddy with you.
Tell family, friends or someone, where and when.
In case Search and Rescue needs women and men.

To get you home safely and where to look.
Just remember your SPOT Gen3, maps and cell phone too.
Make your trip memorable and happy things to do.
Stick to trails, paths and roundabouts, too.

Crown land, forestry and private environment (to preserve) in trust
A GPS and common sense to think where you go is a must
And how to get back when you mark your trail just so

Trails to serve, slower speeds through those curves
Try not to travel in other wheel tracks
Avoiding wheel spins and fish tailing backs

Develop a “Pack it in, pack it out” motto attack
All riders be safe and responsible with trail and common etiquette
Our trail patrol is out there, with a sense of security; enjoyment
of our trails; protecting our image; and our “Right to Ride”

Be a member of Quad Riders ATV Association of British Columbia
And get a reduced liability insurance price; if you’ve already taken a
Quad riders and an ATV safety course

Dorothy McCoy is a member of the Prince George ATV Club in Prince George, B.C. She started ATVing in 1999 and now, at 69 years old, she enjoys riding regularly and attending the ATV jamborees in B.C. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]