Here is a synopsis of an accident that occurred in the province and even thought it did not occur to ATV/UTV drivers, it had a very devastating outcome to the rider of the dirt bike.  This incident can be a lesson to us all.


A serious accident resulted in a fatality on the anywhere FSR road.  This incident involved a pick up, and a rider on a dirt bike. Two bikers were heading up on the FSR, and the pickup driver was heading down. The pickup driver was on the inside of a partial blind corner on his side of the road, and one of the bikers was also on the inside close to the ditch on the wrong side of the road. The pickup driver swerved to avoid the biker, however there was no opportunity to avoid him.


It is the time of year when we start to see increased vehicle and ATV/UTV traffic on forestry resource roads. Resource road users can include tourists, recreation users, industry drivers, anyone! We “all” need to be aware that we can expect any type of vehicles on these roads with or without radios, and at any time of day. Always expect the unexpected. Even though there may not be active logging in an area, there may still be industrial and other users out there – oil & mining exploration, silviculture, access to First Nations communities, hunting and fishing traffic, and so on.

We all need to drive defensively and exercise extreme caution when venturing out on FSR’s no matter the vehicle type we operate.


Road Use Safety Tips:

1. Drive with your headlights on at all times.

2. Stay on your own side of the road.

3. If you have the option, tuck in behind an industrial vehicle and follow it into the woods.

4. Never assume there’s no oncoming traffic. Expect the unexpected.

5. Keep your windshield, lights and mirrors clean and in good repair for good visibility and so that you can be seen.

6. Clean all lights

7. As the driver, ensure you are not distracted by passengers, or music

8. Loaded industrial vehicles have the right of way. You need to pull over and wait till the loaded vehicle is cleared.

9. Do not pass an industrial vehicle until that vehicle indicates that it is safe to do so.

10. Obey all speed controls. This includes speed limits and stop signs.

11. Wear your safety equipment/seatbelt at all times.


Remember to Stay Alert – Focus on driving, use caution and expect the unexpected.

Using simple behaviours will save lives.