100 Mile House to Trans-Canada Highway at Perry River (35km West of Revelstoke), a distance of some 500km.

Since ATV/BC did not have a Jamboree this year, Bev Felske suggested we have a Trail Blazers Ride which would end near Revelstoke where the Annual General Meeting was to be held. A committee was formed consisting of Bev, Sarah Johnston as administrator, Walter Levick and Ed Jaatteenmaki as the trail designers and guides. In the planning process we decided to start from 100 Mile, camp #1, ride to Clearwater, camp #2, ride to north end of Adams Lake, camp #3, ride to Seymour Arm, camp # 4 and the final leg to TCH from where our support drivers would take us 42 km to Revelstoke.

The following people took part in this ride:

  • Walter Levick and Richard Tear from Lone Butte, BC with support driver Norm Boulanger.
  • Ed Jaatteenmaki and Brad McStay from Revelstoke, BC with support driver John Scarcelli.
  • Ralph and Sheila Matthews and Mike Clarke from Lone Butte, BC with support driver John Vezina.
  • Wallace and Doug Warbrick from Invermere, BC with family members as support drivers.
  • Gordon and Audrey Galloway and Dave Galloway from Elkford, BC with support drivers Peter and Tara Cunningham. Dave and Peter took turns riding ATVs.
  • Wade Parrish from Anmore, BC and Pat Wong from Calgary, Alta with Wade’s wife and teenage son as support.
  • Yvonne Williams from Fort St John, BC with her friend Kelli and young son Noah as support.
  • Zan Boyle and Doug Best from Duncan, BC. Zan and Doug alternated between support and ATV riding.


Day One -15 ATV riders and their support drivers gathered at the start area near 100 Mile House. After many photo opps and an interview with the local newspaper we set off, with Walter as our guide and Ed as tail gunner, on a snowmobile trail towards Clearwater. This trail had huge pot holes which filled up with water from the heavy rain storm the night before. This made for a muddy, wet ride for the first part of the day. Ed made a remark that should have bought his boat instead of an ATV. At Higgins Lake we were met by the RCMP who escorted us through the Deka Lake subdivision. After lunch at Needa Lake and stops at Coldscar Lake and a natural stone bridge we arrived at Clearwater airport, which was our camp #2. Today’s ride covered 127 km.


Day Two –The day again started off with a photo opp and an interview with the local newspaper. We were joined by Bruce Donnelly and two other members of the Clearwater Club who gave us a fantastic tour over high country towards Adams Lake. 18 ATVs left camp under RCMP escort through Clearwater to the trail head. The people in Clearwater were outside watching us go by probably thinking that the RCMP made a big catch of illegal ATV drivers and were escorting us to jail!! The highlights on this section of trail were the rides up to the top of 7400 foot high Granite Mountain and to the Vavenby forestry fire lookout. Spectacular 360 degree views from these locations. Everyone gathered around the cairn on Granite while Bruce took photos with 18 cameras. After the fire lookout it was a downhill ride to Adams Lake and camp #3 where our support drivers had camp all set up. This site is a Forestry silviculture camp right next to Adams Lake. Many of the group enjoyed a refreshing swim. The day was topped off with the group gathered around a nice camp fire relating events of the day plus other tall tales. Today’s ride covered 130 km.

P1000971 P1000962


Day Three – Walter and Ed switched duties at this point with Ed as the guide. To start the day Ed lead the riders on a 50 km side trip around Tsikwustum Lake at an elevation of over 5000 feet. A stop was enjoyed at a boat launch location to enjoy views of the lake.

Two riders even tried to catch a fish for supper. All they caught was a lily pad which would not do for a salad. After the lake we continued down to the main road and started the ride to Seymour Arm. At a turn off to leave Adams Lake we met our support drivers standing by a big sign, “ROAD CLOSED due to bridge replacement.” Ed’s heart sank down to his boots however Peter came to the rescue advising that he and Kelly had driven to the bridge site and the news was that the first bridge was almost complete and they would let us through before they started on the second bridge. Ed lead the group on a high speed ride, with speeds about 80 kph at times, in order to get to the work site before they pulled out the second bridge. Reaching the first bridge the crew were in the process of building the grade on the east side. The foreman advised that work would not start on the next bridge till next day. We waited about one hour for the support vehicles to catch up by which time the approach grade was completed and we proceeded on towards Seymour Arm. Another stop at Nellie Lake Rec Site to wait for support to catch up and then on to camp #4 at Seymour Arm. This camp was on private land belonging to long time resident John Rivette who gave us a camp fire talk on the history of Seymour Arm and what life was like living in this remote location. Today’s ride covered 126 km.


Day Four – The group wanted an early start today in order to have time to load the ATVs and get to Revelstoke to set up camp and get to the planned dinner at 6:30 pm. The support drivers would not follow the ATVs because of logging trucks and narrow road.

We left Seymour Arm at 8 am, accompanied by Rob Romanow who was going to video part of our ride for Go Riding BC. This will be on Outdoor Network in the spring of 2009. Rob will advise us of dates and times. At km 50 on the Perry River road we headed up on a 20 km side trip to Pettipiece Pass, elevation 5400 feet. A beautiful alpine area with views of surrounding mountains and several small lakes. This was our lunch break plus everyone wandered around taking photos and enjoying the views and sunshine. On the way down we met Tom Dickson who was leading a group of ATV riders who wanted a ride before the AGM. The ride down the Perry River road was dusty
however the loggers had quit for the day so did not meet any trucks. To be safe Ed called out our position every two kms on his 50 watt radio. We all arrived safe and sound at the end of the road, loaded up the ATVs and headed for Revelstoke. Today’s ride covered 116 km. That evening we all enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner at the Revelstoke Golf Club. This was a great ride enjoyed by all. Big thank you to all the riders and the support drivers. Without the support this ride would not have happened. A special thank you to Bruce and his two friends from the Clearwater Club who helped lead us from Clearwater to Adams Lake. Last but not least a big thanks to the RCMP who escorted us on sections of public roads.

P1020758 P1020752 P1020762 P1020743

Where next? If it so happens that Elkford Club will host the 2009 jamboree, then maybe another trail blazers ride will happen starting west of Golden.