2022 ATVBC Poker Ride recap

After 3 years of waiting, cancellations and planning the ATVBC Poker Ride was back. The last week in June saw the annual event return with all the fun and activities that it has been known for.

Headed up by Dave MacIntosh and ATVBC’s Poker Ride Committee, and hosted by the Logan Lake ATV Club, the event was a great success and a good time was had by all.

Nearly 300 participants!

Attendance at this year’s event, was greater than it had been in many years, partially because everyone was looking forward to getting out and doing some of the activities that have been somewhat restricted for the past couple of years. Nearly 300 people registered for the week long event with many camping for the whole week.

Guided Rides!

The organisers had planned for guided rides starting on the Wednesday, but due to attendance and enthusiasm, 2 guided rides for Tuesday were quickly organised and well received. Wednesday there were two rides that went out, and Thursday saw even more riders interested in exploring the new areas that had been opened up for this event. Three separate rides went out with more than 60 machines heading out for a day on the trails!

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ATVBC is looking for a club to host the 2023 ATVBC Poker Ride!  Contact Poker Ride chair, Dave Mackintosh if you would like more information.  He can be reached at [email protected] 

ATVs in the Parade!

The event, this year, was tied in with the 50th anniversary celebrations of the District of Logan Lake, so attendees had the opportunity to participate in the many celebration activities that took place over the Canada Day weekend. This included participation in the parade, the free hotdogs and cake, fireworks, and many of the other events that Logan Lake was hosting.

Along with participation in all the activities, the Logan Lake club had organised meals for the event as well, these included a pizza night, chili night, breakfasts, and a burger night after the Ride on Saturday. Coffee was also available all week.

Poker Ride Prize – $1,775 for first prize!

Saturday, July 02, the day of the Poker Ride… Over 230 riders signed up to participate, and yes, for once in the month of June in Logan Lake, the weather cooperated. The skies were sunny and the temperatures were comfortable. The first riders headed out just before 9 am, and a couple of really keen riders were at the first station in under 20 minutes. These riders actually completed the 70 kms of the Ride in under 2 hours – WOW.

All riders were back by 3 pm and while ATVBC personnel reviewed the poker cards to determine a winner, Bob Stewart and help, conducted his traditional live auction. Many thanks to the sponsors that provided some really good items for the auction. Bob., as usual had a lot of fun with it and lots of people came away with some really good deals. Perhaps one of the most special moments, was when the father of Bob’s very capable assistant Aubrey, won the bid on the helmet for his young daughter. She was ecstatic!! Over $1000 was raised on the auction.

After this excitement, the announcement of the Poker Ride winners was made. The top prize of $1,775 went to Sandy Day with a winning hand of 4 fours to a seven.

Sunday saw the departure of most of the participants, the weather had held until after the prize awards, so while it was a little muddy getting way, no-one got completely stuck and all left, with the anticipation of next year’s gathering.