Public Comment on Bridal Falls Gondola proposal as submitted to FrontCounter BC on September 16, 2022

Dear Mr. Shutler,
Members of the off-road motorized sports groups including the Quad Riders Association of BC (ATVBC),
BC Off-Road Motorcycle Association (BCORMA), BC Snowmobile Federation (BCSF) and the Four
Wheel Drive Association of BC (4WDABC) recently came together to discuss the above mentioned
project named the “Cascade Skyline Gondola Project.” As provincial organizations representing
thousands of members who will be potentially impacted, we wish to share our members concerns
regarding this project.

In a recent meeting held on September 15, 2022, leaders of each of the associations with local ATVBC
and BCSF club members from the Lower Mainland discussed the project and its potential impacts to the
current trail systems in the proposed area of development. It was immediately discovered that there had
been no consultation from the proponent with any of our local groups, nor has there been clear
indications of the proponents plans for motorized sports within the proposed project area.

In consideration of the amount of volunteer hours put into the area by all our associations and local clubs
including trail development, maintenance, and cleanups, we feel it is important that our members be
considered and consulted when making decisions that will affect these public riding areas. At this time,
we are asking for clarification of the project, in particular around the impact this will have on current and
future recreation of our members and the general public in the area. How does the proponent intend to
accommodate motorized recreation into their plans?

The Chipmunk FSR is a key access road for all user groups and is listed to be blocked in the current
proposal. How will the proponents work with our associations to provide alternative ways to access these
areas if they remove this access point?

As per ATVBC’s mandate, we support safe and responsible off-road recreation through education and
awareness for all user groups. While we were not consulted to date with this new proposed plan, we
request that all four associations be included at the table for future conversations. This would allow our
members to provide feedback and allow for truly inclusive consultation to take place.

Bridal Fall Gondola concerns from motorized recreationalists

Chris D’Silva, President
ATVBC Quad Riders Association of BC
[email protected]

Peter Sprague, Executive Director
CC Off-Road Motorcycle Association
[email protected]

Donegal Wilson, Executive Director
BC Snowmobile Federation
[email protected]

Kim Reeves, President
Four Wheel Drive Association of BC
[email protected]