ATVBC’s Board of Directors held their regular monthly meetings in July and August

Vancouver Island ATV Clubs – Land Access Agreements

During the July and August 2022 ATVBC Board of Directors meetings, ATVBC staff and directors discussed actions carried out in support of the five Island ATV Clubs who have signed access agreements with Mosaic Forest Management to provide club members with increased riding areas on Vancouver Island.

ATVBC will continue to maintain close contact with the Island clubs to respond to requests for assistance and to facilitate communication between the clubs regarding processes to issue Land Access Stickers to members.

Through its 2022 Trail Maintenance and Development grant program, ATVBC will cover the agreement fees for clubs who applied for funding.

ATVBC Club Promotion Grant Funding – apply now!

ATVBC will provide clubs up to $300 for costs associated with membership drives and or club promotion on a first come first serve basis. Total available funding provided is at the discretion of the grants committee and dependent on the available funds in the promotion grant stream at the time of the receipt of the application.

Grant program email: [email protected]  More information:

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ATVBC Club Insurance changes

ATVBC provides several insurance policies for affiliated ATV clubs, including Accidental Death and Dismemberment for volunteers doing trail work, Director and Officers insurance for club directors, and Commercial General Liability Insurance to cover bodily injury or property damage resulting from club sanctioned activities.

As insurance costs have been steadily increasing, ATVBC directors and staff undertook a comprehensive review of its insurance policies, insurance needs, and requested and reviewed quotes from insurance providers.  This led to the insurance committee recommendation to change ATVBC’s insurance provider, from Oasis to Capri.  This will provide clubs with more coverage, clearer information for clubs and members, while saving ATVBC money!

This does not affect, in any way, what clubs and/or individual members do with their insurance. The choices are still yours to make. ATVBC has determined for itself that this change will provide additional benefits and coverage to the organisation as a whole. Further information will be forthcoming in the next week or so.

2022-2023 Insurance renewal – information for clubs

ATVBC is about to undertake its annual insurance renewal process. Information requested will include a contact list for all club directors, completion of a club questionnaire from the insurer, and copies of any RSTBC or private land agreements clubs have for meeting or trail access.   Watch for this form and information request coming soon!

2022 ATVBC Raffle

Staff and ATVBC’s raffle committee will continue to encourage clubs to sell digital raffle tickets and have set up processes, procedures, and documents to facilitate training of club volunteers who wish to sell tickets.

The raffle provide income necessary to sustain ATVBC’s operations, and grant funding disbursed to clubs for projects, trail maintenance, and trail development. The more money we raise, the more money we can give back.

Clubs who sell tickets for the raffle will earn $1 from every ticket sold back to your club.

ATVBC Staff will provide training to any club member interested in getting setup to sell tickets. Please contact [email protected] to get this setup!

Get your tickets now!

2022 ATVBC Raffle

2022 ATVBC Budget

ATVBC’s finance committee worked tirelessly to create a balanced budget for ATVBC’s 2022-2023 fiscal year.  Due to increasing costs, and after careful consideration, the ATVBC Board has implemented its first ever increase to our membership fees. This fee increase is the first since ATVBC was created in 2001. The increased cost is $10 per member. So, for the individual memberships this will now be $50 per year and the combo memberships will be $85 per year.

Club and member benefits – survey

Club presidents have the opportunity to complete a survey, with responses to be used to guide ATVBC activities in the future.  Please ensure your club completes its survey – we want to know how we can best serve your club and its members.

Watch for a member survey coming later in 2022.

September 27, 2022 Club Presidents meeting

Save the date for the September 27, 2022 Club President’s meeting.  Please send proposed agenda items to Kristin at [email protected] by September 16.

ATVBC support for clubs struggling with volunteer capacity

All ATVBC affiliated clubs have an ATVBC director assigned to support their club, answer their questions, request staff support for a club, and raise awareness of their successes and needs at the ATVBC board level.

Club assignments for 2022/2023 have been updated, see who to contact about your club here:

ATVBC continues to support clubs struggling with the volunteer capacity required to maintain their club, its membership, trails, and events have reached out to ATVBC for support.  One solution ATVBC is considering is the amalgamation of two or more clubs in close geographic proximity to lighten the workload and reduce the number of directors and officers required to govern a club.

Interested in learning more?  Contact ATVBC.

2023 Events

Planning for the 2023 ATVBC Poker Ride, AGM and Jamboree are already underway!  We understand that setting dates and locations as early as possible is important so families can plan their vacations.

We are looking for club hosts, who will be supported by ATVBC staff and directors, for events.

ATVBC website

ATVBC’s website moved to a new host recently, and staff have been hard at work re-organizing the site and fixing errors created during the transfer.  We encourage you to visit the website regularly for news, event information, calls for grant applications, and more!

Please email [email protected] if you notice something on the website that needs attention.

Members can also sign up to ATVBC’s newsletter to stay informed of news, rides, events, grant funding and more!

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