ATVBC Board of Directors notes

ATVBC’s Board of Directors held their regular monthly meeting on June 22, 2022

Executive Director Kristin Parsons

ATVBC Executive Director Kristin Parsons has spent her first few weeks with ATVBC becoming orientated with ATVBC, its policies and procedures, constitution and bylaws, current projects underway, and introducing herself to partners and stakeholders.

Kristin is assisting staff and ATVBC’s Finance Committee with ATVBC’s 2022-2023 budget, in reviewing ATVBC’s insurance needs, and will attend the ATVBC Poker Ride in Logan Lake.  

Kristin can be contacted by email at [email protected] or by phone at 604-832-6361.

ATVBC is growing

With events back in 2022, along with another raffle, and an ever-growing membership, ATVBC Board of Directors reviewed and revised staff job descriptions and will bring Administrative Coordinator Carrie Martin to ATVBC full-time in July 2022.

Carrie will continue her work with members and clubs on memberships, will assist with ATVBC events, and provide support to ATVBC Board, staff, members and clubs.

Carrie can be contacted by email at [email protected] or by phone at 250-613-8185.

ATVBC Director Wayne Mercer

ATVBC Director Wayne Mercer appointed Chair of Outdoor Recreation Council (ORCBC)

Please join us in congratulating long-time ATVBC Director Wayne Mercer was appointed to chair ORCBC.  Wayne’s work with ORCBC is an extension of his work to represent ATVBC clubs and members.

“ORCBC has no shortage of challenges to address. Advocating for improved funding for existing public recreation; expansion of public recreation resources to keep up to our growing population; protection of recreation values; and achieving the incorporation of recreation as an objective under the Forest and Range Practices Act are among the many topics that are always close at hand.

He added, “ORCBC has a five-goal Strategic Plan which keeps the Board focused on priorities. I encourage you to view it on our excellent, recently updated, website.

The Strategic Plan is based on five core values and principles: Indigenous reconciliation, accountability, respect and diversity, environmental sustainability, collaboration and resiliency. Read the 2021-2025 Strategic Report here.” Wayne Mercer, ORCBC Chair, ATVBC Director

ATVBC committees provided updates on their work

  • The 2022 ATVBC Poker Ride in Logan Lake has over 250 attendees pre-registered and a full week of events with the Poker Ride committee and staff finalizing plans
  • The 2022 ATVBC Raffle is underway and Raffle committee members and staff work to promote the event via QR codes for clubs, digital marketing, orientation to clubs for digital raffle ticket sales underway. Net raffle proceeds support mixed use trail construction and maintenance, club and director insurance, and support the work of ATVBC.

Raffle ticket sales were down significantly for the 2021-2022 raffle, largely due to impacts of COVID-19 and extreme weather events impacting the ability to meet in person and to host events.

Net raffle proceeds impact ATVBC’s overall budget and ATVBC needs your support to make the 2022 Raffle a success.

  • ATVBC’s insurance committee is meeting regularly to ensure coverage that meets ATVBC’s needs. Inflation, extreme weather events, and COVID-19 have had dramatic impacts on insurance affordability.  ATVBC’s Comprehensive General Liability insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance for volunteers, ATVBC and club Directors and Officers insurance, and property insurance have increased by an estimated $4 per member since 2020.
  • The ATVBC Board of Directors reviewed grant program funding for clubs and approved amendments to the “Club Promotion Grant” policy. The fund will support clubs with costs associated with membership drives or club promotion, with eligible expenses including items like booth and booth amenity rental, club brochures and trail maps, advertising of clubs, trails, and safe, responsible, and environmentally sustainable riding.  Watch for a call for applications and full fund details, coming soon!
  • The ATVBC Communications committee supported ATVBC’s move to a new web host, and staff and the committee continue to transition content to the new site. The new host will allow for a “club directory” that will allow ATVBC to create and host a page for each club.  Watch for details coming soon!
  • ATVBC Directors and staff are working with the six Vancouver Island ATV Clubs to provide support and funding for Mosaic Land Access Agreements. As of June 24, the Sooke ATV Club, the Alberni Valley ATV Club, and the Cowichan Valley ATV Club have signed agreements.  More on this to come!

Terms of the agreements require additional insurance coverage and information from member.  ATVBC will meet with clubs who have signed agreements in July, to learn more.

Read the Sooke ATV Club Mosaic Land Access Agreement announcement

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