ATVBC reached a milestone since my last report, and that is ATVBC has now surpassed the 5,000 mark in membership! Welcome to all our newest members. It is exciting to see so many new names on the membership list.

ATVBC Interim President Chris D'Silva June 2021 message
ATVBC Interim President Chris D’Silva June 2021 message

Janice Baker tells me that it has been very busy with new memberships throughout May and into June. So, if it is taking a little longer for you to get your new membership information, or for that matter your renewal, rest assured that both Janice and Carrie are doing their best.

This is also a busy time year for ATVBC as it is our year end with lots of loose ends to tie up and financials to complete for presentation first to our accountants and then to the membership at the AGM to be held in August. We are still planning on holding the AGM in conjunction with the Poker Ride in Logan Lake, the last week in August.

Yes, ATVBC and Logan Lake are getting very excited now that the province has entered into its Covid recovery programme. With Phase 1 complete and the probability that we will begin Phase 2 this week, a full-scale event like the Poker Ride may actually become a reality. If we move into Phase 2 as planned, then look for on-line registration for the Poker Ride to commence at the beginning of July.

I had the opportunity to participate in BC Trails Day with the Logan Lake Club. The rain held off and a great day was had by all. There was a good turnout with the necessary distancing and there was a guided ride to Jacks Lake followed by a hot dog roast for lunch. Thanks to the Logan Lake Club for their participation in BC Trails Day, as I understand they may have been the only ATVBC club to take part.

As for other events this summer, check out the Revelstoke ATV Club’s annual Three Valley Gap GPS Poker ride! Combine an ATV Poker Ride with beautiful scenery, a variety of trails, ATV riding, camping, and your GPS and head to Revelstoke for a completely COVID-19 friendly event. The event starts on June 26th and runs through to September 11, 2021.

Jane and I will be out on the trails this summer, whenever and wherever we can, so we hope to see at least some of you out and about as well. Happy, Safe Riding!!