Update and reminder about upcoming changes to membership join and renew options, and waivers


ATVBC thanks Club Presidents and club representatives who provided feedback on proposed changes during the March 23, 2022 meeting.  We used your input to further develop processes and to guide future actions.


ATVBC shared details about the changes that will take place on May 1, 2022 with members and appreciates the questions, comments and feedback provided.  We understand and share your concerns and wherever possible, will refine processes to address them.


Q&A with insurance representative


As requested by several clubs, ATVBC is pleased to announce that Keith Bossaer from Oasis insurance will attend the next ATVBC Club Presidents meeting, on May 25, 2022.  Please RSVP for Zoom details and email your questions to [email protected] by May 17, 2022.


Questions will be provided to the insurance representative prior to the meeting so responses can be researched, enabling comprehensive answers.


Learn how the Vernon ATV Club is adapting to membership and waiver changes 


A Club’s Perspective on Upcoming Membership and Waiver Changes “I’ve been contacted by a number of club members with questions since they received the ATVBC MUST READ – IMPORTANT CHANGES to membership join and renew methodsemail sent to ATVBC members on March 29. 

I was frustrated when I first heard about the new waiver requirements imposed on ATVBC by its insurance company and what it would mean for rides and events……

Clint Ingham, President, Vernon ATV Club


Reminder – pick up and destroy membership books


Please pick up and destroy ATVBC membership books you have distributed to insurance agents, ATV dealerships, and club directors.  Send your final forms with payment to ATVBC at Box 146, Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A0.


Provide insurance agents, ATV dealerships and club membership directors with copies of the membership promotional graphic and scannable QR code, click to download.


Qr code
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Member support


New, online only membership processes will streamline processes, ensure waiver collection and management, and reduce the burden on volunteer membership directors.  Membership lists will be current and up-to-date with no waiting for mailed forms and manual processing.


ATVBC has refined its online membership forms to ensure a positive digital experience understandable to all levels of technical skill, but recognizes that not all members are computer savvy and some may need to rely on friends and family for assistance.


Based on feedback, ATVBC will continue to improve processes and provide resources (like the promotional graphic above) to support clubs and members.


Member renewals


Members needing to renew can do so by clicking the renewal invoice url in the email they receive from ATVBC.  Members who don’t have an email renewal can email [email protected] to request one.  Requests for changes to membership (like clubs) can also be emailed to [email protected]


Waivers for rides and events


Download group waiver here – one form has space for 15 participants. After the ride, upload the waiver here: https://atvbc.ca/waiver-upload/ (both links open in new pages).


Share the online waiver form with your members so they can sign the waiver before the ride. They will receive an email confirming they have signed the waiver – just ask them to email it to you, or show it to you before the ride. Share this link with your club sanctioned ride info: https://atvbc.ca/waiver-online/ (opens in new window).


Please be patient and report any problems with the new Waiver process to [email protected].




ATVBC has received some great questions about this process.


Question: I am a club director, going for a ride with my buddies.  Do I need to get them to sign waivers?


Response: No, waivers are only needed from riders for “club sanctioned events”.  


Club sanctioned events: Event must be organized by a director of the club, and the event must be advertised to all members via usual club communication methods (newsletter, social media, etc.) a minimum of 12 hours, but preferably 3 days, in advance (with exception for emergency trail work, where notice must be published as soon as possible before any work commences).



Question: Sometimes non-directors organize and lead club rides and assist with hosting events.  This doesn’t fit your definition of a club sanctioned event – so will our volunteers and directors have insurance coverage for them?


Answer: As long as a club director has approved the ride or event and it meets all other criteria for a club sanctioned event, insurance coverage would be provided.



Question: What is a member “giving up” by signing the ATVBC waiver?


Response: From Keith Bossaer, Oasis Insurance email April 5, 2022 [If this is a question about an effect that it might have on a member’s insurances] “This has nothing to do with personal insurance coverages  – ALL ICBC coverage, BC health, Rec Trails & Sites cover, personal or group health/dental/life insurance [etc.,]  is not affected.  [These have nothing to do] with the waiver. 


Furthermore this does not affect [any] ATV Insurance options they purchase personally – both via Oasis products – and elsewhere [e.g.], Capri.   Clients may wish to purchase what they wish Section A – liability – Section C physical damage for those who want it – and for those who desire Section B  accident benefits coverage in their ATV/UTV policy are all payable despite any waiver signed to protect your ATV Association / CLUBs. 


Everyone is entitled to have as much personal insurance in their lives as they choose to acquire – that has nothing to do with the waivers.  


 Waivers are to prevent excessive and very often frivolous lawsuits against your Associations and Clubs.   This is very beneficial of course to volunteers and directors as [well], as stated in the waiver / policy.”



Question: Our club hosts a weekend long camp-out with daily rides.  Do we need to collect a waiver from members and guests each day?


Answer: No, your goal is to meet the requirement to ensure all event participants have signed a waiver within the past 12 months.  If you are certain you have a waiver for a participant, you do not need to have them sign another.



Question: Our club organizes breakfasts and pub night gatherings at local restaurants and picnics in parks.  Do we need participants in these events to sign waivers?


Answer: ATVBC’s insurer indicates these low-risk, non-riding events, where insurance coverage is available via the venue or park owner do not require waivers.



Question: What do we do with the signed waivers? 


Answer: Please scan or take a clear photo of waivers and upload them here https://atvbc.ca/waiver-upload/ or mail them to ATVBC at Box 146 Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A0. 



Question: What will ATVBC do with the waivers?


Answer: ATVBC will save the waivers digitally in case they are needed in the future.



Comment: This process creates a lot of work for ride leaders.


Response: We understand, and wish this process wasn’t necessary.  Please understand that this is a short-term issue, while members join and renew through the new process.  It will be easier next year.


ATVBC has developed a simple online waiver option that will allow you to obtain waivers from ride participants when advertising a club event or ride, and digitally at rides or events (where mobile phone data is available).  


Share the online waiver form with your members so they can sign the waiver before the ride. They will receive an email confirming they have signed the waiver – just ask them to email it to you, or show it to you before the ride. Share this link with your club sanctioned ride info: https://atvbc.ca/waiver-online/ (opens in new window).



Question: How will clubs determine if a member has signed a waiver?


Response: ATVBC has created an online waiver process (outside of join/renew) that members can use to sign a waiver.  They will receive an automated email indicating they have signed the waiver and can use this to prove waiver signing at a ride or event. 


You can share the waiver link when you advertise a ride or event https://atvbc.ca/waiver-online/ so many of your members will come with proof – they receive an automated email confirming they have signed the waiver once they complete the online form.


In addition, club directors and ride leaders can request a copy of a membership card. All cards with an expiry date of May 1, 2023 or after is proof that they have signed a waiver – so no need for n additional process.


  • Members receive an automated email upon sign up and renewal, with their membership info.  This email includes directions about how to log-in to see and update membership information from the ATVBC website
  • Members receive a Constant Contact email within 10 days of join/renewal
  • Members can log-in at any time to access their membership info: https://atvbc.ca/membee-profile-update/ for those who need instruction, https://atvbc.ca/find-your-membership-details-online/



Question: ride and event participants don’t want to, or are refusing to sign the waiver.  What do I do?


Response: a signed waiver provides legal protection for you and for your club directors and volunteers.  


ATVBC’s volunteer Board of Directors and its Insurance Committee have spent hundreds of hours of their time to ensuring that members, volunteers, club executive and ATVBC directors have insurance coverage in case of an incident.


We realize the extra step of having participants sign the waiver is an inconvenience, but this process is a requirement of our (and other) insurers.  


Those who do not sign a waiver cannot participate in club sanctioned rides and events – as a waiver is a participation requirement.


Vernon ATV Club President



Question: What about non-members and guests, do we need a waiver from them?


Answer: Non-members and guest riders are still welcome on rides provided they read, understand and sign the waiver. Waivers by non-members (guests at ride/events) are valid only for that individual event. Guests who participate in more than a few events per year must be encouraged to become a member of ATVBC and the club, in order to protect club volunteers (membership provides insurance coverage for club directors).




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