As the snow melts around the province and we are getting our machines ready for the upcoming season don’t forget to get yourself ready as well.  I have seen some of the stuff clubs have been posting on Facebook about the trails and as the frost leaves the ground the trails are going to be soft and prone to ruts and other damage so please respect the environment and tread lightly.

The ATVBC Board of Directors has been extremely busy with a number of projects, including the stuff on the Island and the new Trail Ambassador Program (formerly the Trail Patrol Program). We are also preparing for the 2021 ATVBC Raffle and Poker Ride, and are working with some new sponsors to bring more benefits to ATVBC members.

Grants will go out to the clubs soon, and the transition to RBC banking is nearly complete.

Email [email protected] if you are interested in the Trail Ambassador Program

During the March 2021 Club’s President meeting a question was asked about Lifetime Achievement Awards and what ATVBC does to recognize the hard work of a volunteer or a group of volunteers. This topic has been raised before and is something I will work on. What we do know is that we have so many great volunteers doing a lot of great work and it is hard to thank them all.

Thank you, each and everyone of you, for all the time and effort that you put into the sport of ATVing.

Help ATVBC thank volunteers – National Volunteer Week April 18 – 24

Phone, email or publicly thank an ATVBC member volunteer – including those who lead your club, fundraise for projects, clear and build trails, help host events, or any of the many things that allow everyone to have fun on an ATV.

Volunteer Canada’s theme is The Value of One the Power of Many and they suggest using this format (couplet) to recognize volunteers in 2021.

Post your couplet of thanks in the ATVBC Facebook Group! For example: The value of one person clearing a portion of trail leads to the power of many creating fantastic trail access to riders and other trail users.

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