Wow the last newsletter of the year 2020, the year sure went by fast!  I would like to send out a big thanks to everyone who has helped sell tickets for this year’s raffle.  Because of COVID we thought that we would have to cancel but with all your help we have made it a success, so once again thank you to those selling and those buying tickets you deserve a big pat on the back.

Many of you attended the first President’s Zoom call we had, there were a few technical challenges but for the most part went smoothly for the first virtual meeting, and I do hope you join us for the next President’s call that will be held on January the 19th at 7:00 pm.  We have confirmation that John Hawkings will be joining us for the call so please get your question into Janice or Kim so that we have them ready for John.

The ATVBC Trails Grants for 2021 will be accepting applications starting on the 1st of January, check out the 2021 guidelines and application forms on the link in newsletter or by visiting the website.

There is a new App from BRMB (Backroads Maps Books) and they are allowing ATVBC members a 3 month free trial of the PRO version to try out. All they would like is for you to send them feedback on the new app so, please check it out and send them your likes or any changes you would like to see.  The link is in the newsletter.

I know that it has been a trying year for a lot of you and I do hope that 2021 is better for you.  I hope to see you out on the trails in 2021 and stay tuned for any upcoming events for next year. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ralph Matthews