Well, ATVers, here we are again at the end of another year. A year that has been filled with ups and downs for many of us. Our heartfelt feelings go out to all of you who were impacted by the various events that have occurred this year. Here’s wishing for a better year in 2022.

Raffle Early Bird Draw December 11, 2021

Despite the challenges we have faced, there have been a lot of positive things happen this year as well. Let me just give you a few of these:

  • ATVBC has seen fabulous growth in our membership to over 5,000 and an even greater of people taking up our sport. By last count there are over 20,000 machines just in BC alone. Our membership could be quite amazing going forward!!
  • ATVBC is working with other organizations on the concept of a dual-sport club, combining snowmobilers with ATV riders in a region that is unable to support two separate clubs. This would be a pilot project. Watch for more information early in the new year.

Trail Maintenance and Development Grants – call for applications

  • 2021 was a great grant year, with 12 clubs receiving grant funding in one form or another. Congratulations to all of those clubs for their hard work and efforts in the projects they completed. The 2022 grant season is about to start. You will find information on the application process for 2022 also in this newsletter.
  • The ATVBC Board of Directors gained 2 new directors this year, Chris Shirley and Dave Crowfoot. Both are active riders and we are looking for great things from them as they begin to get their feet wet. Both are already involved in a number of the ATVBC Committees. Welcome aboard guys!!
  • As you may have seen recently, the Board of Directors is looking for more creative ways to get members and clubs involved, so we have recently floated out the idea of have multiple regional conferences rather than just a single Face to Face meeting. This will provide the opportunity for many more people to participate and get to know other riders, along with the ATVBC Directors.
  • I also want to congratulate all those clubs who have recently held their AGMs and have elected both old and new board members to help guide their clubs. This is good news.  Always remember, ATVBC is here to assist clubs anyway we can, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Director.

There are many more good things that have happened this year such as a closer working relationship with BC Snow Federation, BC Off-Road Motorcycle Association and to some degree the 4WD Association of BC. Some of this is a result of the government closing trails from the wildfires, but nevertheless, it allows us to share ideas and present a more consolidated front as a group.

Lastly on my positive list (for now) is the US border is open, so now many of us who like to head for the sun can do so!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support of ATVBC this year, and to wish you and your families the very best for this Christmas season and for the New Year.

In the words of Ed Sheeran and Elton John from their newly released song called Merry Christmas:

Yeah, there’s been pain this year, but it’s time to let it go. Next year you never know… for now Merry Christmas!!