Well, here we are, more than halfway through February! 2022 is zipping by! March 13 is the date when we will spring forward with the time change. This means more daylight and the opportunity to ride for a little longer each day.

Grant applications

Hopefully those of you out there who are looking for ORV grant funding, got your applications in on time. The review process will begin shortly, and announcements on the successful applicants will be made, as usual, around the beginning of May. I have had the chance to look at the applications and I want to congratulate all of the clubs that have summitted an application on the GREAT effort they have put into pulling these together. I also want say how amazed I am at the amount of work that, not only the clubs that are applying this year, but all clubs are doing on building and maintaining our trails system. It truly does make for a great experience for all riders!

Best Practices Guide for Motorised Backcountry Recreation in BC

On a different note, I have an exciting new project to tell you about, even though it is very early days yet. ATVBC, in conjunction with the BC Snow Federation and the BC Off Road Motorcycle Association, under the umbrella of what we call the BC Powersports Coalition (BCPSC), are working on a joint project to create what we are calling a Best Practices Guide for Motorised Backcountry Recreation in BC. We have made application to Rec Sites & Trails BC (RSTBC) for some funding to pull it together and we have their support to move forward.

The BCPSC Guidelines would provide the benchmark when clubs are looking to build or maintain trails or shelters, and the decision makers, e.g., RSTBC would know what is being done, how it is being done and to what standards. It would provide consistency across the province in the completion of trail projects.

The plan would be to work with decision makers and First Nations to draft this document to ensure that there is buy-in from all parties when it is completed. It would also provide the clubs with a clear understanding of the thresholds that need to be met so that they can plan/budget accordingly.

This work would be seen as a process to improve backcountry motorized trail infrastructure and is not intended to be a rigid policy statement or requirement for existing infrastructure.  But rather a new benchmark to aim for when we are creating new trails, new shelters, or improving existing ones.

More information on this will be published when it becomes available.

RSTBC Trail Agreements – request

While we are on the subject of trails, we have asked that clubs who have trail agreements with RSTBC provide a copy of their agreements to ATVBC. For those of you that have, thank you. ATVBC is anticipating being able to use the information gathered to create a comprehensive inventory of trails in BC, similar to what other provinces back east are doing. We also expect that the information can be used to identify trails damaged in 2021, to aid in prioritising funding for repairs and replacement as needed.

Club Presidents’ meeting – March 23, 2022

The next Club Presidents’ meeting is set for March 23, 2022. So, if you have anything that you would like to see as part of the meeting, feel free to drop a note to me or Janice.

Enjoy your riding and stay safe!!