Consultation process on proposed BC Land Act Amendments raising concerns.
Osoyoos, British Columbia – Over the last week, the Quad Riders ATV Association of BC (ATVBC) has received confirmation of the provincial governments intention to seek public feedback on proposed changes to the Land Act, in particular to align with the intentions of the 2019 Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (DRIPA) to allow for agreements with Indigenous Governing Bodies (IGBs) for Land Act decisions.

Led by the Honourable Nathan Cullen, Minister of Water Land and Resource Stewardship, this consultation plan includes plans to begin drafting amendments as early as February, 60 days before the deadline for the public engagement period, creating a concern that many of the changes may have already been decided before going to public consultation.

“While we welcome the opportunity to consult on this matter and understand its greater importance to including indigenous governments at the table, we are concerned by the flawed approach to the consultation process.” says, ATVBC President, Chris D’Silva.

It is difficult for ATVBC as a provincial association to provide feedback through such a process without being provided with an understanding on how these changes will take shape. The presentation provided on the plan provides little more than a brief description through a slide presentation but fails to address important questions.

“With over 90% of the province proposed for co-management through these amendments, we feel this consultation needs to provide additional information to all stakeholders to ensure a greater understanding of all the benefits and potential risks.” adds D’Silva.

ATVBC is urging the provincial government to provide further details on the proposed changes and adjust their timelines to ensure fair and inclusive consultation process is completed to allow all stakeholders the time to engage in a meaningful way.

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