By now some of you may have heard that the Ministry of Forests, etc., is proposing to close up to 550,000 hectares of land, primarily in the Thompson Okanagan area, because of the devastation caused by wildfires. The proposed closures could be for as long as 18 months and possibly longer as there is no sunset clause in their draft proposal.

While ATVBC is not opposed to closures due to the effects of the wildfires, there are some unanswered questions regarding the extent of the closures and which interested parties will be most affected by these proposed closures.

I have met with the BC Snow Federation and the BC Off-Road Motorcycle Association. We all agree that there needs to be greater clarity on what is being proposed and that those affected by the closures have input in the final decisions regarding access to these areas going forward, and the exact extent of the areas that will be closed.

All of our organizations have had phone conversations with the Director of Resource Management for the Thompson Okanagan Region expressing our concerns and we are working to have an in person meeting with this gentleman.

We will keep you apprised of further developments as they become available.

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Chris D’Silva
President ATVBC