Don’t just read about history… experience it on your ATV!

While named the Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail this trail is open to ATVs and SxS’s. The trail will take ORV riders through the regions of 70 Mile House, 100 Mile House, Lac La Hache, Horsefly, Likely and Wells. Campsites and various accommodations enable riders to stay and explore the beautiful forests, lakes and sights.

Trail access points include:

  • Horsefly, BC with parking at the Anvil Pub
  • 70 Mile House on Redeau Lake Road
  • Hwy 97 at Wright Station Road
  • 99 Mile Snowmobile Club
  • Helena Lake Recreation Site

The Quad Squad South Cariboo hosted a Poker Ride in Lac La Hache in 2016 and took riders on a tour to Judge Matthew Begbie’s hanging tree. Known as the Hanging Judge, he established his brand of law and order during the Cariboo Gold Rush. Another day trip included a visit to the historic crash site of Canadian Pacific Airways Flight 21.

The crash is considered one of British Columbia’s greatest aviation mysteries, a DC 6 plane crashed near 100 Mile House in 1965. Police suspect a bombing but no arrests have been made. Fifty-two people lost their lives in the crash. police suspect a bomb blew the plane up near 100 Mile House in 1965.

Amidst the growing pines of Dog Creek near 100 Mile House rests the bones of DC6 airplane, lying half buried in the grass.

It’s a chilling reminder of one of B.C.’s most infamous plane crashes, one that investigators believe may have been a murder plot.
The Hanging Tree
The Hanging Tree

You will able to access both the hanging tree and plane crash site on the Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail (remember it is ATV friendly!)

Check out this excellent Relive track video created and shared by Nycole Ross

While you are in the area, another great ride is the Prince George to Wells, BC 3-day circle route tour from Prince George to Wells, a day of touring trails in the Wells, Barkerville area on ATVs, and then a return trip to Prince George. Join the club to go on their annual guided ride, or go self guided! GPS coordinates and trail details are available via the Prince George ATV Club or the Wells Wheels ATV Club. Join the club for $15 (or $55 if not already an ATVBC member) and get the details and first dibs on accommodations!

The number of suitcases that can be strapped to a quad or a SxS for the three day trip is a sight to see itself!

A request for Gold Rush Snowmobile trail information on March 11, 2021 led to the following response from a BC Rec Sites and Trails officer:

The Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail is managed as a multi-use, four-season trail, so yes, ATV’s and side-by-sides are welcome on the trail.  There are no specific closures for wildlife or habitat conservation along the trail, and as always we would just encourage users to stay on designated trails. 

Rec Sites and Trails officer, March 11, 2021

Plan your trip

  1. Get maps – visit the Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail website or Recreation Sites and Trails BC for maps to print or download for use with your GPS or favourite app.
  2. Connect and join an ATV club in the region to support their efforts in developing and maintaining ATV & SxS trails and advocating for ORV access throughout British Columbia. Quad Squad South Cariboo, Wells Wheels ATV Club or the Prince George ATV Club
  3. Check for trail closures (Forest Fire, floods, other)
  4. Plan your accommodations and for supply runs: See below
  5. Read up on the trail’s history and the Cariboo Gold Rush
  6. Grab some riding buddies, your ATV or SxS and have a great ride!

Camping and accommodations

Overnighting is easy, with the trail leading to several ATV and SxS friendly BC Recreation Site campgrounds like Helena Lake, Spout Lake, and Rail Lake.

Cabins, B&Bs and motels are available in the communities near the trail, including 70 Mile House, 100 Mile House, 108 Mile House, and Horsefly.

Prefer to rough it? The Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail has space available for those who want to pull off the trail and sleep under the stars!

Goods and Services

Groceries and supplies are available at 70 Mile House, 100 Mile House, 108 Mile House and Horsefly. Go to 100 Mile House for parts and supplies for your ORV. There are no direct access points from the trail to the communities, access to fuel, food and supplies will require a car or truck.