ATV Safety Tips

The Mid-Island ATV Club and the Vernon ATV Club have generously agreed to share safety information with ATVBC, its members and the public.

Pre-ride meeting

The Vernon ATV Club has developed training for ride leaders, with their first Ride Leaders Training Session held in September 2020. Their ride leader training materials instruct leaders to host a pre-ride meeting to discuss the ride, protocols and safety.

What should a rider do if separated from the group?

If you’ve become separated from your group turn off your engine and listen for a few minutes.” Vernon ATV Club Ride Leader Training Materials

Don’t panic – think back to your pre-ride meeting. What did the ride leader instruct riders to do if separated from the group?

Safety First

No Lost Rider Protocol

The Mid-Island ATV Club has developed following “No Lost Rider” protocol for use on all group rides.

When approaching an intersection, “Y” or “T” or other junction, before proceeding, check for the rider behind you. If you cannot see the rider, the rider cannot see you to determine which trail you are taking. In this case, STOP!

WAIT until you have a visual confirmation from the rider behind you that acknowledges they are aware of the correct route.

Use this protocl to ensure no rider gets left behind or lost.

What NOT to do!

Riders separated from their riding group often speed up in the hopes of catching up to other riders. For some, this has led to tragic consequences as the increased speed has led to riders driving beyond their ability and crashing or going over embankments.

Have a safety tip? Share it with ATVBC

ATVBC congratulates the Vernon and Mid-Island ATV Clubs for their dedication to ATV Safety and appreciates their sharing of information.

If you or your club have a safety tip you would like to share, please email [email protected]