ATVBC has completed their Strategic Plan!

The Board of Directors and Staff of ATVBC worked hard over the last few months to bring together the needs of the association, the members, and the clubs to set the direction of ATVBC for the next 3 years. To complete this plan, background research was completed and we reached out to key stakeholders and completed surveys of members and clubs to ensure we understood your needs and collected your feedback and ideas of what ATVBC could be.

Special Thanks to our facilitator Deb McClelland of Onboard Training for helping guide us to our final product! We are excited to share this plan with our members to show that we have your best interests in mind

Check out this snapshot of our plan in the STRATEGY MAP below

What is a Strategic Plan?

A strategic plan is a document used to communicate with the organization the organizations goals and the actions needed to achieve those goals.

Why is it important to have a strategic plan?

Strategic planning is an essential tool for any organization aiming to secure long-term success. It provides direction, enhances decision-making, improves resource management, and increases operational efficiency.