“Continued growth in ATVBC membership is exciting, as this helps improve the sport for all who participate.” — Kristin Parsons

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2022 ATVBC Raffle - win!

ATVBC has a new executive director. You might even bump into her at the 2022 ATVBC Jamboree and AGM in August. Kristin Parsons will be working with clubs around the province and speaking on their behalf at the provincial level.

“I will be collaborating with other user groups within the province to bring a unified voice forward in the negotiation and implementation of land use agreements and encourage and promote safe, local trail programs,” Parsons said. “I am looking forward to working with our clubs and members around the province and providing them with added support for their projects and initiatives.”

Beyond this, Parsons will be working with the board and staff on the implementation of their strategic plan and bringing the board’s vision to life for the organization over the next few years.

Here’s a bit more of what we can expect from ATVBC and their new executive director, Kristin Parsons:

What are the latest happenings in ATV riding in BC?

Continued growth in ATVBC membership is truly exciting, as this helps improve the sport for all those who participate.

What are some projects your club is currently working on?

ATVBC has been working on a new website and changes to our membership management program to align all memberships to go through our online platform.

In addition, we have been actively working with our six island clubs on a new land access agreement that will see our members have access to huge areas of private land that were previously unavailable to ride.

Next we will be working on the development of our new strategic plan.

What challenges have you faced in the past year?

The two biggest are staff capacity and the restrictions from Covid.

To address the staffing issue, ATVBC has brought Carrie Martin on full time as our administrative coordinator. We expect this will enhance the levels of service that we provide to our members.

As for Covid, with restrictions easing, we can now look at holding events in-person such as the Poker Ride and the AGM. It will also provide the opportunity for the directors of ATVBC to get out and meet with the clubs in person to address any issues they may have.

What changes could benefit your club and its riders?

Further development of relationships at the local and provincial level to have a recognized voice at the table for land/environment issues.

Side-by-side ATVs descend a rocky trail with tall green trees on both sides.

The ATVBC AGM & Jamboree attracts riders from all over the province to come together once a year to celebrate the sport of ATVing in a different part of the province and complete the business of the Annual General Meeting. This year’s AGM & Jamboree is in Valemount, B.C.— Photo courtesy Valemount Area Recreation Development Association

What is your favourite thing about ATVs?

The freedom to ride into stunning destinations that are out of reach to most regular vehicles. To explore nature and experience terrain that is unique to B.C. Riding on an ATV allows me to see a lot in a short amount of time.

What advantages are there to riding in B.C. that riders can’t get anywhere else?

The terrain and Rocky Mountains are by far my favourite part of the riding experience in B.C. Riding on the Island—versus riding in the Okanagan, the Chilcotin, the North, and riding in the Kootenays—are very different and each has its own WOW factors.

What is your favourite place to ride in B.C.?

Riding the old Kettle Valley Railway was a favourite of mine, as I enjoyed coming into the small towns and seeing the history along the rails.

How can people get involved with ATVBC?

Become a member. That is where it all starts. By joining as a member, you are supporting the work that ATVBC does to advocate on behalf of ATV riders around the province. But don’t stop there. Get involved in our events, participate in our annual raffle fundraiser or put your name forward for our board of directors. As a not-for-profit organization we rely on the generosity of our volunteers’ time and efforts. We couldn’t do it all without our amazing volunteers. It also provides the opportunity to meet new people and to ride with others who share the same passion.


The ATVBC raffle is an annual fundraiser put on by ATVBC to raise money to support the amazing work of the 40 ATV clubs around the province. The monies raised are put back into the local clubs through grants issued by ATVBC to support trail construction, maintenance, ATV safety programs, and club initiatives in British Columbia.

“Without the raffle and the monies raised, we would not be able to provide the financial support to the clubs to deliver important ATVBC programs that focus on rider education, environmental stewardship, and trail sustainability,” Parsons said. “The support of our membership is key to the raffle’s success. We encourage all our members to purchase a ticket and share this opportunity with friends and family. The more we can raise, the more we can put back into the riding community.”

When will the raffle be held and the winner announced?

Early Bird – August 6, 2022 – drawn at the AGM in Valemount

Main Draw – Dec 10, 2022 – drawn at 1 p.m. at Carmel Restaurant, Prince George

What does the winner of the raffle get?

Early Bird prize: $2,500

Main draw prizes:

Grand Prize: $20,000
Second Prize: $2,500
Third Prize: $1,000

How much does it cost to participate in the raffle?

$10 per ticket