ATVBC Board of Directors and staff work hard behind the scenes, to ensure ATVBC meets the needs of its clubs and members and to provide leadership in sustainability, safety training and environmental awareness.

Understanding the need for leadership in sustainability, safety training and environmental awareness, ATVBC and its members advocate for shared trails through responsible use, collaboration with other user groups and volunteer contribution around the province of BC.


Insurance: September is insurance season, and ATVBC is working to negotiate cost effective insurance solutions for ATVBC and its member clubs. ATVBC takes pride in its low membership rates and works hard to ensure members receive good value.

Raffle: The 2021 ATVBC Raffle will begin on September 12, 2021 and we are excited to offer ticket purchasers an opportunity to win cash while providing ATVBC clubs the opportunity to earn direct cash from ticket sales (clubs receive $1 for every ticket they sell). Additionally, net raffle proceeds provide grant funding to clubs for trail maintenance and repair, for publicly accessible mixed use trails in British Columbia. Watch for more raffle details coming soon!

AGM: The 2021 ATVBC AGM will be held via Zoom on September 18, 2021 at 1 p.m. More details to follow – but now is the time to get your director nominations in and become involved in shaping the future of ORV riding in BC.

Future events: After two years of event cancellations (COVID-19 and wildfires), the ATVBC Board of Directors and staff are brainstorming solutions for future events. ATVBC Clubs who are interested in hosting the ATVBC Poker Ride and ATVBC Jamboree in 2022 and 2023 are invited to contact [email protected] with expressions of interest – let’s work together and create some ATV fun!

Planning for 2022: The ATVBC directors and staff will meet this fall to set ATVBC’s direction for 2022. Your feedback is invited – what would you like to see from ATVBC in 2022? Email [email protected] and let us know!

Maps and Apps: Where can I ride? Where is the trailhead? Where is the trail? Is it open for motorized use? These are all great questions we hear often – and ATVBC is researching best options for sharing maps and trail details with its members. Your feedback is welcome! Email [email protected] with your suggestions.

Sponsorships: Get more value from your membership! Check out the member discounts provided by ATVBC sponsors!