It has been a rough couple of months for many of us when it comes to doing what we love best, and that is riding the trails. In many areas the trails have been and still are off limits because of the extreme fire hazards that we are experiencing. So, we have been unable to get out with our fellow club members and ride. I am sure that you are missing the camaraderie that goes with riding the trails with others as passionate about the sport as you are.

ATVBC Interim President Chris D’Silva installing wildfire warning trail signs

Well, here is an idea, and it serves a couple of purposes.  Now that we can get together, albeit cautiously, why not consider getting out and providing some form of community service within the town, or city that you live. This would provide you the opportunity to have some fun with your friends, do some great things for your community and raise the profile of your club in an extremely positive way.

How many times have you heard that ATVers are a negative presence within the community? This is how you can prove those naysayers wrong.

Here are a couple of recent examples. The first one involved doing a little fundraising within the club. Then taking those funds, putting them towards the purchase of foodstuffs and beverages specifically for the firefighters working on the front lines fighting fires. They are, as a result, working to save our trails as well. The club that did this, raised over $700 in just 3 days, went on a shopping spree at Costco and delivered their purchases to the folks who were packing over 100 lunches a day for the firefighters. The gratitude was amazing!

2021 Logan Lake ATV Club members visiting after cleaning their community

The other instance that comes to mind, is a litter pickup within the community boundaries. A group from the Logan Lake ATV Club did just that. In a matter of 4 hours, they had collected nearly 200 pounds of garbage, had a hot dog roast (over a Coleman stove), and had some fun in doing so.  The response from the community was astonishing, even the mayor commented by saying “That’s incredible! We can’t thank you enough! What a great group to belong to!”

So, see what you can do!! Get out and find some things to do as a club! Talk with your city workers, they will probably have things you can do without too much time and effort. Chat with your tourism people to find a way to promote your community with their assistance. Find a cause to do a little fundraising for, and get the media involved when you deliver to the cause you have chosen. There are endless opportunities.

So, when you are feeling like you are losing touch with you fellow riders, keep in mind there are other ways that you can come together and enjoy the companionship of your club.

With any luck, we will be back riding the trails in the not-too-distant future.