On October 24th, 5 ATV BC Directors became the first Canadian AQCC Safety Institute Instructors to be certified in BC. The new CASI course is sponsored by the COHV and the All Terrain Quad Council of Canada as a method to teach both new and experianced ATV riders proper techniques for riding safely.



Chief Instructor of the CASI program, Gordon Galloway, who is the only certified CI west of Ontario, helped the 5 Directors by holding a course after their ATV BC Fall Meeting October 22 and 23, while they were all in town.



The Directors, each also a CSC instructor, paid for this course personally, as a means to upgrade their teaching skills and the safety course itself. Here, Instructor Candidate Dennis Webb does the welcome to the class section.



Under a darkening Sky, Instructor Candidates and students alike wonder just how soon the rain would be arriving. It didn’t take long. At the end of the day, Zan Boyle, Jeff Mohr, Dennis Webb, Don Frew and Robert Hergott all recieved their certification.

A total of 6 students in British Columbia now have certification under the new CASI program, and the new CASI Instructors would like to thank Rick Vowles of the Greater Kamloops ATV Association for arranging students and a training ground for the CASI program.