ATVBC members, wanting to do the right thing, have contacted ATVBC for information about riding. ATVBC thanks you for asking and for doing your part!

“Can I ride during the Covid-19 pandemic?

ATVBC members

The Province of British Columbia and the Canadian Federal Government are asking citizens to stay home. Since they indicate going for walks is okay, does this mean that going for a ride is okay too?

What does ATVBC recommend?

Based on orders, requests and advice from various levels of government, government ministries and health and emergency service providers, ATVBC is recommending that members should not ride at this time.

What does the Province of BC say about riding?

So far, the Province of BC and the Public Health Officer haven’t commented on riding, specifically. However, they are asking people to remain at home except for work and essential outings.

Please see the most up-to-date orders, requirements and requests here:

The Province of BC indicates going for a walk, as long as we maintain a distance from each other, is okay. Does that mean that going for an ATV ride is okay too?

The answer is a bit complicated as a variety of issues need to be considered.

1. Will a ride require you to stop and get fuel or snacks?
2. What happens if you get stuck – can you maintain an appropriate distance if you require assistance from other riders?
3. What happens if you are injured or become lost – will resources that are already stretched thin be required for your rescue?
4. Will you be travelling out of your home community, straining resources (goods and services) of other, often smaller communities?

It is easy to maintain a social distance while riding, right?

While maintaining social distance while riding may seem easy, what about pit stops? Transmission through the use of public facilities, like picnic tables, outhouses and washrooms, cabins, etc., is possible.

Are trails and rec sites open?

Trails and facilities under the Province of BC Rec Sites and Trails stewardship are all closed. You can see a list with details of which trails in your area are under Rec Sites and Trails here:

Other trails, not operated by Rec Sites and Trails may or may not be open. You will need to check with your Regional District or local club for more information.

What else should I consider in making my decision to ride?

Local search and rescue associations, governments and health regions are requesting that folks don’t put further strain on their systems, and to avoid high-risk activities at this time. Whether riding is high-risk for you depends on your riding style and the trails you ride – you’ll have to determine this yourself.

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