After record setting ATV sales in 2020, sales fell in 2021. The good news is January 2022 showed an increase in sales over the previous year. (Statistics do not include the sale of Side-by-Sides). All in all, 2021 saw the second highest sales of ATVs since 2015.

Supply chain issues, continued COVID-19 impacts, and increasing SxS sales vs. ATV sales likely factored into the decrease in ATV sales.

Anecdotal information estimates that SxS sales now outpace ATV sales by 5 to 1 in BC, and riders report there are more machines on the trails.

How does BC stack up in sales?

Provincially, January sales in British Columbia are a fraction of sales in Ontario and Quebec, but are among the top 5 across Canada.

Source: Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council Canada Now January 2022

It is all about the power!

Sales of ATVs with 500 cc’s or more dominated.

More machines – more safety!

With more ATVs and SxS’s on trails as people use ORV’s to experience nature, access backcountry destinations and tour British Columbia, safety becomes an even higher priority.

ATVBC recognizes and recommends two rider safety programs – the Canadian ATV Safety Institute (CASI) course and the Canadian Safety Council’s ATV Rider Course. Find a course and be safe!

ATVBC’s role in safe, responsible and environmentally sustainable ORV use

The Quad Riders ATV Association of British Columbia (ATVBC) was formed in 2001 to provide leadership in off-road vehicle (ORV) use. ATVBC promotes the safe, responsible, environmentally sustainable use of ORVs and advocates for and provides funding for mixed-used publicly accessible trails throughout British Columbia.

ATVBC played an instrumental role in advocating for a provincial ORV strategy to ensure the positive aspects of ORV recreation and tourism is realized while reducing or eliminating negative effects on the environment and other users. In 2002 ATVBC participated in the Coalition for Licensing and Registration of Off-Road Vehicles which submitted 47 recommendations to the provincial government along with a request for the government to develop the Off-Road Vehicle Act.

Many of the Coalitions recommendations form part of the current ORV Act that “promises certainty, safety and regulatory structure for thousands of off-road enthusiasts.”