Tuesday July 13th, Members of ATV BC and the Moose ATV Club met with officials from Canadian Natural Resources to discuss the Stewart Lake Trail System.

During construction of several leases, the trail was inadvertently damaged. Once CNRL was made aware of the damage, steps to discuss a solution with the Moose Club and ATV BC were put into effect.Several areas will be signed to make riders aware of construction projects such as a power-line that crosses the trail, and lease road crossings will be upgraded for level crossings so new riders or small children will be able to safely cross lease access roads without the fear of being hit by industrial traffic. As well, 4-6 kilometers of pipeline that was placed on top of the trail will be groomed of mulched debris and a path made/signed to make riders aware of the trail.

Once again the Moose Club would like to remind riders that while every effort has been made to mitigate concerns and get riders back into the bush trails, at some points they do have to cross industry roads. Please be aware that industry has the right-of-way on these roads, so please give way.