Local clubs are the heart and soul of ATVing in British Columbia. It’s at the club level where you’ll find like-minded people who enjoy riding the trails and back roads in your area, contribute in your community and work to keep trails open, safe and environmentally sustainable.

Please contact the club in your area for more information on how you can get involved in the fun.

Form a club or affiliate your existing club with ATVBC

Interested in forming an ATV club in your community? We can help you protect and retain your riding areas, organize and promote ATV rides, form your club, manage your membership and promote your club. ATVBC will ensure you have appropriate insurance to protect your club directors and officers.

Do you already belong to an ATV Club, that isn’t affiliated with ATVBC? There are many benefits to affiliation. Contact [email protected] to learn more and to join us!

  • ATVBC affiliated clubs receive Commercial General Liability Insurance and Directors & Officers Insurance – paid by ATVBC.
  • ATVBC staff will manage your membership processes, including member sign up and renewal, providing you with a membership list, member waivers, and a monthly dues payment.
  • ATVBC will promote your club, your riding area, your events, and can develop and host a webpage for your club.
  • ATVBC also administers annual grant funding programs, providing affiliated clubs with funding for trail maintenance and development, tools and equipment and club promotional materials
  • ATVBC provides support for members clubs with the organization of club events, rider safety, and youth programs.
  • ATVBC can also help your club work with local, regional and provincial governments regarding land access issues. Working together we can maintain and develop existing and new riding areas and trails as we work with other user groups for the benefit of all trail users.

Is it hard to start an ATV Club?

NO, however it does require work. You will need to gather a group of friends together and complete the necessary paper work.

How many People does it take to start a club?

Ten members. All must register and pay the provincial membership fee.

How do I set Club Membership Fees?

Club fees are decided by the club but the member must also pay the provincial membership fee of $50 per person.

How do I get Started?

  • Contact ATVBC for the Club Start up Kit
  • Arrange a public meeting at your local recreation center or any public hall in the community
  • Make up posters and place them at your local dealers, plus any public place available
  • Phone or talk to as many people as possible
  • Invite your area ATVBC Director to your first meeting—to bring information and membership forms

How should the Meeting be run?

  • Chairperson should announce to all the main purpose of forming a Club: “To go on rides” ” To protect your riding area” ” To obtain Provincial Membership benefits”
  • Choose the club name
  • Decide how often the club will meet. Some clubs meet monthly and have monthly rides or events. Other clubs meet once to register members and again in the fall for a windup. These clubs rely on a phone.
  • Form committee to contact everyone for the weekly/monthly rides or events.

Election of an Executive

Required officers for a club are President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer (or separate Secretary and Treasurer) and Ride Director. Optional officers are a Newsletter or Communications Director and an Activities or Social Director.

What paper work is required?

All clubs must use the online system https://atvbc.ca/join-atvbc/join-now/ to register their members with ATVBC. All clubs must agree to adhere to the official policies of ATVBC (Environment, Membership Fees, Safety and Land use).

Does the Club have to register as a non-profit society?

NO. However ATVBC recommends that a club register as a non-profit organization as soon as possible.

Planning Events

This is up to the elected Executive of each club to plan each season based on the members ideas for the club.

What are the main benefits of belonging to ATVBC?

  • Newsletters and social media updates with relevant information
  • Member only discounts and benefits
  • Member only access to rides and events
  • Large discounts on insurance policies for members
  • A Provincial body acting as an advocate for quad riders and their interests
  • Strength in numbers when dealing with the various government agencies and special interest groups
  • All members are eligible to attend the Provincial Annual General Meeting and Jamboree

What are the main benefits of belonging to a club?

  • Riding with friends
  • Eligible for discount benefits for insurance premiums
  • Monthly rides or events
  • Campouts
  • Meeting new people with similar interests
  • Club is insured for liability for group Club events by ATVBC
  • Protecting and insuring your right to ride in your local area

ATV Clubs already formed in BC

Click here for a listing of all clubs. Click here for a listing of the Board of Directors.