The Comox Valley ATV Club teamed up with the Campbell River ATV Club and hosted the All-Island ATV Fall Camp-out and GPS scavenger hunt ride October 3rd to 5th, 2014.
All five ATV clubs on the island, including the Cowichan Valley ATV Club, the Mid-Island ATV Club, the Pt. Alberni Hill Climbers ATV Club, the Comox Valley ATV Club and the Campbell River ATV Club attended the event. We also had one member from Powell River ATV Club in attendance. The camping is free, the event is free and we gave away close to $5,000 in prizes thanks to our very generous sponsors.
The camp-out was held at the BC Hydro camp-site at Strathcona Dam. The footprint of the GPS ride took in the area between highway 28 on the South and highway 19 on the West and North. None of the markers were placed North of Sayward. The distance between the two markers placed furthest apart was about 40 Km, as the crow flies.
Each marker being approx. the size of a business card, with a number stamped into it. The idea is the first find the marker, then write down the number. Participants were each expected to find five markers and for each correct answer they were awarded one roll of the dice, plus each participant received one bonus roll. The participant with the highest score was then given first choice of prizes.
In total 33 participants took in the event and by all accounts everyone completely enjoyed themselves. The weather was great for a fall ATV ride, just enough rain to keep the dust down and cool enough that you could stay riding for long distances.
This event was strongly supported by our major sponsors, Courtenay Motorsports and Western One Rentals and Sales. In addition, because this was an All-Island event, prizes were also contributed by Ladysmith Motorsports and Campbell River Boatland. Other sponsors of the event included Can-Am BRP, Fortis BC, Painters Lodge, Strathcon Industries and Westview Ford. On behalf of all of the participants, I would like to thank our sponsors for their support.
Ted Hooper, of the Cowichan Valley ATV Club was the top scorer, and was awarded first pick. Ted chose the Yamaha 3000 psi, gas powered, pressure washer, donated by Campbell River Boatland and Yamaha.
Flynn Lunder, of the Comox Valley ATV Club won second place and chose the Yamaha 2000 watt Inverter Generator, donated by Courtenay Motorsports and Yamaha.
Lisa Skullsberg, of the Pt. Alberni Hill Climbers ATV Club won third place, and chose the Can-Am helmet, donated by Ladysmith Motorsports and BRP.
Earl Briggs, of the Comox Valley ATV Club, won fourth place, and chose the Yamaha vintage cooler which included gift certificates and glasses, donated by Campbell River Boatland and Yamaha.
The highlight of the event for most of us is the pot-luck style dinner on Saturday night where everyone brings something to share. We enjoy our feast while sitting around the fire re-capping the events of the day. There is no shortage of food and it is all delicious!
There were about twenty RV’s camped in the BC Hydro campsite, we had plenty of room for more. The campsite is very well maintained thanks to the hard work of the campground attendant, Tom Hart.
The next big event planned is our Annual Polar Bear ride on Jan. 1, 2015. Please check out our website at for details.  Be sure to LIKE us on facebook.