The applicant has applied for a Crown Land Application for an Adventure Tourism.The applicant has applied for a Management Plan amendment in regards to their Lease No. 343096, File No. 0219493, covering Block A, District Lot 16424, Kootenay district. The application includes construction and repairs to existing facilities.

The public is invited to comment. Responses are due by January 4, 2018. If no response is received by the deadline, the application and adjudication process will move ahead.

Proponent: Envirosport Consulting Ltd.

Reference Number263480

Tenure Type: Standard Lease

Intended Land Use/background context:  The applicant has applied to add additional improvements within existing tenure boundary. Existing facilities include a rustic log cabin lodge. The lodge is a base for self-guided and fully guided seasonal retreat experiences including, fishing, hiking, photography, snowshoeing and skiing. Access to the lodge is by walking or horseback trail and by helicopter.

Location: Crown land in the vicinity of Diana Lake. Block A, District Lot 16424, Kootenay District, approximately 9km east of Spillimacheen, BC.

BCGS Mapsheet: 82K.089

Sizes (Area) in ha. (approx.): 1.01 (ha)

Term of Proposal: 30 years

For additional information visit the Applications & Reasons for Decisions website at www.arfd.gov.bc.ca/ApplicationPosting/index.jsp and search by File no. 0219493.

Responses should be directed to Authorizations Officer Erin Keith at [email protected] or (250) 426-1782. Long distance callers from outside the Lower Mainland can call toll-free using Enquiry BC at 1-800-663-7867. Vancouver callers can call toll-free via Enquiry BC at 604-660-2421