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For some of us around the province it was a pretty good summer.  Our riding season started off in Barkerville with 3 days of great riding.  The first day was a little wet but hey that’s just dust control.  Then off to Clinton to see old friends at their new campground and to do a little riding then off to Revelstoke to do the GPS ride and that was a great idea that they had to continue to have their poker ride.  As we spent four days there getting all of our points at a relaxed pace instead of having to try and get it all done in one weekend.  Then finished off at Trout Lake; it was always on my bucket list to visit. So in the 3 weeks we did 1200 km and saw some great sights. 

I would like to say thank you to all the volunteers who helped put all these rides together and maintain trails. I know you probably don’t hear it enough so thanks again.


2021 Events

So now on to business…. The 2021 ATV Jamboree was to be hosted by the Kootenay Rockies ATV Club, but their club has cancelled. ATVBC is looking for a place to hold the 2021 ATV Jamboree.

We understand planning an event when we don’t know what will be happening next year with COVID-19 and are exploring some options. The 2021 ATVBC Poker Ride in Logan Lake is also dependent on BC Public Health orders regarding gatherings in 2021. 

Follow ATVBC on Facebook and Instagram
Follow ATVBC on Facebook and Instagram

I have been keeping an eye on Facebook and have seen a lot of great pictures from many clubs around the province and all the riding they have been doing and I say that you have been doing a great job at respecting the social distance thing so we are doing our part to bring this to an end soon I hope.

2020 ATVBC Raffle

2020 ATVBC Raffle
2020 ATVBC raffle

Sunshine Valley ATV Club

We have another new club to join us and they are out of Hope  (Sunshine Valley ATV Club) Welcome aboard. 

Submitted by Sunshine Valley ATV Club

With all that has been going around our membership has still been growing at a slow place but growth at any rate is still good.  We have 41 clubs and almost 4,500 members. 

Membership growth

The one good thing to come out of the virus is that it has made more people stay in their own province and discover all the great things it has to offer.  We have had reports from RSTBC that more people have been visiting provincial campgrounds than ever before.  And the local dealerships have had record sales in fact most dealerships sold out of machines. 

I would like to finish up with a little safety message as I do get reports of a lot of the accidents (ATV/Side by Side) that happen around the province and I know what your thinking……. what is he going to be nagging at us about, riding without helmets is a pet peeve of mine.


I still see a lot of riders going without helmets and the biggest group are SXS riders. Now I know the province says you don’t have to wear one because you have a roll cage.  Not sure how to address this but they are wrong. I know the government, how could they be wrong!!!!!!.  If you watch race car drivers they have roll cages and four point harnesses to hold them in and they still wear a HELMET so why is it so difficult for you to wear one?  I did hear of one incident that a helmet would have lessened some of their injuries.  So as a safety instructor i encourage all of you to nag someone to put their HELMET on as we all know we only have one pumpkin so let’s protect it thanks for letting me have this little moment of your time.            

Don’t be this guy!

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