Need your ATVBC membership number or expiration date? It is easy to find!
Need your ATVBC membership number or expiration date? It is easy to find!

Easily find your membership details online! Print or screenshot your membership card.

Online access to membership information 

Need your ATVBC membership number or expiration date? Easy! Here is how!

1. Click this icon, located on the right side of the ATVBC homepage or go to  

2. If you don’t know your password, click “Forgot your password?” and enter your email address.  You will receive a password reset email instantly.  If you don’t, check your spam folder. 

3. If you are a primary member (one individual), you will see only the “Member Profile Update” as shown below.  Click “view profile / edit profile” to view your membership details.

Primary membership example – click View Profile / Edit Profile

If you are part of a combo membership (two or more people from the same household), you will see information about all contacts in your combo membership. Click “View Profile / Edit Profile” in the “My Organization” section. See image below.

Combo membership example – click “View Profile / Edit Profile” under “My Organization”

4. After clicking “View Profile / Edit Profile” as directed above for primary or combo memberships, you will see your personal membership information (primary members) or membership information for yourself and others in your combo membership (combo members).

Update your contact or payment information

For Primary members, just scroll down to edit your contact details, view/pay invoices or to manage your credit card details.

For Combo members, your contact details can be updated in your own profile or your organization profile, while credit card management and invoices are only viewable/editable in the “My Organization” view.

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