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Early in the summer of 2018 the BV Quad Riders in conjunction with our partners from RSTBC started an ambitious plan to sign 30 kilometers of trail (Mile markers, Trail Heads etc) and re-surface the existing 271 meters of “Board Walk” that runs through environmentally sensitive sections of our Dome Mountain Trail.

Area “BC’s Best Kept Secret” – RidersWest

The Dome Area is one of Smither’s closest riding areas to town and has been favored as a family riding area for both Snowmobiler’s and ATV’s for many generations. There are many different sections to the trail system but the “outside loop” used for our annual Poker Ride is 30 kilometers in length with varying terrain that will wind its way up to the Alpine and down again to parking.

Signs and a boardwalk

Stage One or the Signage segment was completed in 2018 and lumber was then purchased and cut into 6-foot lengths and metal banded in preparation to be air lifted to the meadows on Dome Mountain for 2019. Much of the trail erosion and “Water Barring” was dealt with in 2018 by means of an excavator from funds from our partners at RSTBC and the help of a local contractor and our friends from the snowmobile club.

For years the Dome had been a favorite motorized area for atv’s and 4×4 vehicles and many sections bore the scars of these activities. To help protect the most heavily damaged sections the club had placed a “corduroy” trail of logs topped with planking to keep ATV’s from venturing any further out into the sensitive wetlands we were crossing as part of this trail system. This also allowed the damaged sections to heal and once again be the scenic alpine ride with mountain views and wild flowers that families have come to enjoy. However, by 2019 and years of use it was time for a face lift!

For 2019 the club also widened the boardwalks to 60” to make it more use friendly for our SXS contingent. 13 lifts or 1255 6-foot boards needed to be air lifted to the meadows from below at the parking lot.

On June 9, 2019 with snow pack still prevalent in higher sections the air lifting by Silver King Helicopters of materials commenced. SXS’s carried compressors, nail guns and building supplies for the ground crew to the prospective sites. It would take 3 work bees in all to complete the project which may have taken longer if not for it being Black Fly season as this tended to keep volunteers on task and not standing around talking about their new ATV or SxS.

BV Quad Riders invite to Smithers to ride the Dome Mountain

Visit the Bulkley Valley ATV Club website to plan your trip!

Small, ambitious group makes a big difference

If you are ever in Smithers the Bulkley Valley Quad Riders encourages you to come on out to Dome Mountain and see what ambitious people even in small numbers can do to make a difference not only to your riding experience but also to help out the eco-system as well.

 “Get out and Ride” – Article submitted by the Bulkley Valley Quad Riders – Smithers, BC

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