Over 1,400 kilometres of mapped trails

The Grand Forks ATV Club, formed in 2008 and incorporated as a non-profit in 2011, rides in the Boundary, BC area on mixed-use rails that take riders through a variety of ecosystems and wildlife habitat – from grasslands to Apline meadows.

In partnership with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, the Grand Forks ATV Club has created a trail network of over 1,400 km of mapped trails from Greenwood east to Castlegar and Grand Forks north to Edgewood. (source: https://boundarybc.com/play/atv-trails/ )

The trail system protects ecosystems and the environment, showcases the region’s history and beauty and are suitable for mixed recreational use.

Focus on safety, sharing the trails and environmental protection

With a vision to be active in preserving the region’s history, environment and wildlife habitat and to protect their rights and privileges to access all trails, Grand Forks ATV Club members:

-> promote safe and responsible operation of ATVs
-> plan events and rides
->participate in community events
->develop, maintain and map trails

The club has developed trails and signage, created staging areas, added benches and amenities, provided educational workshops for all trail users that promote respect for the wildlife, environment, private property and tenure holders in the area.

Grand Forks ATV Club works together with many neighbouring clubs to improve amenities along the trail

Ride’n the Woods Greenwood to Edgewood trip

Edgewood Ride

In 2018, the Grand Forks ATV Club partnered with the Greenwood ATV Club and the City of Greenwood and rode from Greenwood, BC to Edgewood, BC – over 200 kilometres each way! The event included a meet and greet and a historic mine ride. (source and more info: https://www.grandforksgazette.ca/sports/atv-clubs-ride-historic-trails/ )

Busy riding and social club

The Grand Forks ATV Club is busy on and off the trail. The club participates in local and regional events, having recently hosted a 2019 Accessibility Rail Tour, providing rides for seniors and mobility challenged folks. Over 30 participants and their dirvers road along the Columbian Western Rail Line and viewed historic infrastructure and a presentation about the history of the CPR. (source and more info: https://www.orcbc.ca/june-member-update-rail-trail-ride-grand-forks-atv-club/ )

The Grand Forks ATV Club participates in the District of Grand Forks annual Family Fun Day

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