The Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen is developing a Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan and are inviting the public to participate in a survey that will help shape the future of parks, trails and recreational activities and spaces in the region. 

The last parks, trails & rec master plan was done 10 years ago, and this one will cover the next 10 years, so this is your chance to have input on how the trails will be managed. 

DID YOU KNOW the KVR has 12+ historical trestles that are undergoing engineering inspections to determine repairs needed with potential for millions of dollars in repairs, maintenance and replacements in the next few years therefore government needs to understand the value of the trail so they are willing to invest in the long term sustainability of the trail.

Engagement Opportunities

  1. Survey Question RE: Travel Mode and Journey Duration “how do you get from your home to parks, trails and recreation facilities” if you ride from your home or recreation property, select “ORV/Snowmobile (on permitted corridors)” from the drop down menu – this is an excellent opportunity to collect data on ORV use and tourism in the region
  1. In survey, under Improvements section there is a text box that asks: “Thinking about the future, are there outdoor recreation activities that you feel should be developed or better enabled and supported in parks and on trails in RDOS” – this is the place for your feedback about the trails in your area, to comment on what trail developments are needed, and ideas for how ORV riding and tourism could be better enabled and supported on trails and in rural communities (amenities, community connectivity, ride-in access for food/fuel/lodging) – positive comments on how to better develop or support trail initiatives in the future (not the place to rant about negative or past issues, as this is forward thinking opportunity)
  1. In survey, under Improvements – New Parks & Trails, Amenities sections watch for questions that ask how important these are to you:
    • Motorized focused recreational parks
    • Summer off-road vehicle trails
    • Snowmobile trails
    • Off-road vehicle play parks
  1. Interactive Mapping Tool – pinpoint specific areas and provide suggestions and feedback – provide your own comments, provide feedback and agree/disagree with other comments
  1. Engage in Open Forum as part of the RDOS public consultation process there is an open forum with two discussion topics:

This type of virtual interactive engagement has replaced the traditional town hall style meetings and open house consultations so is vital that you complete the survey and engage in these open forums and share your memorable ORV experiences from out on the trail, stories of positive interaction with other user groups, details of scenic rides to local attractions, family time spent on the trail, club rides and get togethers, camping trips and backcountry exploring – share what ORVing is all about, so we can paint a true picture of the importance of ORV use in the region.  I know everybody has at least one great story to tell… so let’s hear them! 


The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) is preparing the Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan (PTR Master Plan). You’re invited to participate in a survey that will help shape the future of parks, trails, and recreational activities and spaces in the region. 

Survey results will inform the PTR Master Plan to ensure the right mix of facilities and programs are provided while also protecting environmentally sensitive areas. The PTR Master Plan will also serve as a guiding document for corporate decision-making over the next ten years.

The RDOS is collecting feedback to develop a Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan, which will create a roadmap for decision-making over the next 10 years. This plan will help provide the right mix of outdoor and indoor recreation facilities and services, while also helping to ensure that the RDOS continues to protect environmentally significant areas.