The insurance requirements in BC are confusing as there are two different insurances involved.

Registration is mandatory

Registration is mandatory – when you register your machine at ICBC you receive registration
papers and a license plate the same as you do for your car.

ICBC Basic Insurance

If you operate an ORV on or across highways, you’re required to obtain ICBC’s Basic Insurance
(for highway crossings controlled by a stop sign or traffic light or when loading and unloading an
ORV in a parking lot, or for any other on-highway operation as permitted by an operation permit
issued by local RCMP) – this insurance allows you to put your wheels on the highway (public
roads) and has nothing to do with private lands, crown lands or forest service roads.

If you purchase ICBC basic insurance, you receive an expiry decal for your plate the same as you
do for your car license plate (view link below to see what is included in ICBC basic insurance)

Third Party Liability

If you operate an ORV on forest service roads, you’ll need $200,000 in third party liability
insurance. This may be obtained from ICBC or private insurance providers such as Oasis (much
cheaper to purchase this insurance privately, when we last compared it was over $600 from
ICBC for the same liability insurance you can purchase privately for around $70 – when you
purchase from Oasis receive ATVBC membership discount, plus senior discount).

  • ICBC cost: over $600
  • Private insurance: approximately $70

On all other Crown land, liability insurance is voluntary but recommended.

More information:

Resource links below to view ICBC bulletins regarding ORV registration, licensing & insurance coverages:

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• Off Road Vehicle Registration
ICBC Bulletin MV1457 – Off Road Vehicle Plates
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