ATVBC is concerned that our insurance policy may not cover members using the Trailblazer saw.

In a report dated May 14, 2021, WorkSafeBC stated: 

“At this time, the various Trailblazer vertical brush cutter units manufactured by Stout Designs LLC are not in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHSR) for any use at a workplace due to the guarding issues of the unit itself.”

As a result of the WorkSafeBC report and after much discussion, ATVBC Board members concluded it would be prudent to have the insurance company’s underwriters confirm coverage while using this saw.  

Although club members using this saw are volunteers and WorkSafeBC regulations are intended to ensure employee safety, ATVBC has sent a formal inquiry to our insurance agent asking for confirmation that ATVBC and its affiliated club members will be covered should they decide to use the Trailblazer saw.

We do not expect a quick turn around on our request, but we will advise all Clubs as soon as we hear back on the underwriter’s decision with regards to volunteers using the Trailblazer saw.  

ATVBC Board of Directors