The ATVBC Board of Directors and staff are excited to welcome Executive Director Kristin Parsons to the ATVBC team in mid-June 2022.

Kristin Parsons has nearly 20 years of experience in professional services including marketing, communications & project management specializing in business & program development, not-for-profit management, fund/sponsor development, strategic planning/branding, and event planning services.

She is a successful entrepreneur, owning and operating her own consulting business for many years before bringing her expertise into the Chamber of Commerce network as a board member and soon after as an Executive Director for 2 different Chambers. Most recently Kristin has been working with Chambers of Commerce in the Okanagan, providing staff training, board support and business advisory services.

Kristin holds over 10 years experience as a senior level executive bringing a solid record for policy development, advocacy efforts and building relationships with all three levels of government. Her understanding of board governance comes from over 15 years of working with or as part of Boards of Directors in many different Not-For-Profit environments. A fiscally prudent manager, Kristin’s range of diverse skills will serve her well in her new role with ATVBC as Executive Director.

Kristin first joined the ATV world in 2004 when her then young son grew a liking for the sport of motorcross. To ensure she could keep up with the kids, she got herself into the sport of ATVing. After a trip to the Tradex Sportsman show, she met 2 eager members of ATVBC who enticed her to join a local club to get more comfortable in the sport. Thanks in large part to these two gentlemen’s encouragement, Kristin joined the local “Explorers Club” and experienced first-hand the camaraderie and connection that the club experience could bring. While life took Kristin in different directions professionally, she always enjoyed her time with her favourite sport. After moving away from the lower mainland and losing connection to the club, she new she would one day return to the sport.

“I am beyond excited to bring my professional experience to an organization that represents a sport I am deeply passionate about. It’s the best of both worlds for me as I get the opportunity to bring my passion for advocacy and leadership to bring awareness to a sport I love.”