Lost Traction ATV Club

Formed in June 2018, the Lost Traction ATV Club already has well over 100 members!

Riding in the Fraser Valley and Lower Coquihalla area

Riding in and around the Fraser Valley and Lower Coquihalla area, the club organizes at least one official ride per month (even through winter!). Ad hoc rides throughout the month are posted on the club’s Facebook page.

Socials and camp-outs

The Club holds 5 to 6 meetings per year including a Saturday Social Dinner meeting and a Camp-out weekend meeting. We have great support from our sponsors and a strong Board of Directors committed to building Lost Traction into something that will make a real difference for its members, including improvements to the different areas that we ride.

Membership = discounts!

Lost Traction ATV Club members receive discounts from club sponsors.
Lost Traction ATV Club’s goals are to:
● To promote and foster the sport of ATVing in BC
● To protect the access of ATV’s on public land
● To protect the environment

Join ATVBC and the Lost Traction ATV Club today!

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