It has been a busy month for us at ATVBC, with the Poker Ride and the Annual General Meeting at the end of June and now into the planning for the coming year.

Not to steal any of Dave Mackintosh’s thunder, but the Poker Ride that he organised, assisted ably by John Blinston, and others, was an amazing event.  Lots of people in attendance, good fun was had by all and the food was fantastic between the pig roast, the turkeys and the breakfasts.

Thanks to Oliver Perez (LMATV) for organising the rides. There was something for everyone, including a 200 km run for the speed demons among us. Led and tailed by Greg Smith and Aaron Schlechter, these guys led 2 groups on a run down the KVR, and were back before any of the other riders. While many of the other rides were great, the one that drew the most attention and interest was the ice cream ride to Coalmont and Granite City. Multiple flavours of ice cream in very large quantities and enjoyed by many, so much so that the woman running the ice cream van ran out of ice cream more than once.

The event had only one incident, when one of our less experienced riders decided to take a short cut down a 60 foot embankment into a stream, luckily, she was not badly hurt and was comforted by Linda Frew for nearly 3 hours in the creek until the Princeton first responders could get there to bring her out. They were assisted by John Blinston and Dwight Crockett, our own emergency responders. I can happily report that our rider was back at camp later that day sporting some magnificent bruises and an arm in a cast, but very much mobile and in good spirits.

This year ATVBC decided to combine the AGM with the Poker Ride, and this went well, thanks to David Webb, with it being one of the best attended AGMs that we have had in a number of years.

I am happy to announce that we again have a full slate of directors on the board, and I want to welcome the newcomers, Dale Neufeld, Katherine Perez, Padraig Tedford, Bryce Miller, and Buck Cross to the board. Their backgrounds are interesting and varied and I am sure they will be a great resource to ATVBC along with the existing directors.

The AGM was followed up with pizza and beer, etc., which came from the local pizza places in Princeton. I must say the selection was great and they were all very delicious.

I do want to say thank you to those directors who are leaving ATVBC, Greg Smith, Clint Ingham, and David Webb. They have done some amazing things for ATVBC and while they may no longer be on the board, I know that we will still be able to count on them for their expertise.

One last comment on the two events, and that is a thank you to Carrie Martin and Kristin Parsons for their assistance in making these events a success, and to all of the partners of the Directors and others who pitched in to help. As they say, many hands make light work. We could not have pulled it off without all of the volunteers we had.

Now we get down to the nitty gritty of doing what we can for our members. We will be holding an in person meeting of all the directors in October, and from that meeting ATVBC expects to be able to provide you with our strategic plan for the organisation for the next 3 – 5 years.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and ride safely.

Respectfully submitted

Chris DSilva