It is with great pleasure that Princeton ATV Club and the Similkameen Valley Riders ATV Club officially announce the partial opening of the KVR trail within town limits.

Permitted use for registered and insured ORVs

Be advised the trail is open, effective June 1st, 2020 at 3:00 pm to registered and insured ORV users from the east side to Twin Rivers Park, just across the Bridge of dreams. This will be a designated staging area where you can leave or arrive.

The west end through the tunnel will be permitted up to, but not past the subway. A staging area is provided at the Dog Park area just a few hundred yards back from Subway.

NOTE: The area from Twin Rivers Park to Subway is not permitted at this time, no motorized use between these two points.

Read the signs – follow the rules

***Signs will be in place at both ends of town with the rules for usage of the trail and especially the tunnel.***

PLEASE use the trail responsibly, read the signs and follow the rules. It is up to each of us to prove we can be responsible sharing the trail with all users. Working together and following the rules during the trial period will help our clubs to continue lobbying for a complete trail right through town.

Princeton ATV Club and Similkameen Valley Riders ATV Club

Years of hard work pays off

It has been almost four years that the Princeton ATV Club and Similkameen Valley Riders ATV Clubs have worked together, petitioning, raising funds and lobbying to get this partial opening.

Shout-out to supporters

Princeton ATV Club and the Similkameen Valley Riders ATV Club would like to thank the Town of Princeton administration and Council for this opportunity.  Many thanks to the Valley Riders ATV Club, Vermilion Trails Society and the business community for their support this past four years.

We would especially like to thank ATVBC and our hundreds of members and thousands of supporters in helping us to realize our goal of accessible riding.

Remember…this is a one-year trial effective Monday June 1st at 3:00 pm, it is up to each of us to respect the rules if we want this opportunity to continue.

Safe rides to all,
Princeton ATV Club
Similkameen Valley Riders ATV Club

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