The interesting weather we have this early in the year is a mixed blessing. It has given clubs the chance to begin their riding season earlier at the expense of not enough of a snow pack for later on in the year. I see that a number of clubs are already out for their first rides of the season. Congratulations to them on being able to get out and ride.

Which brings up the subject of riding in dry conditions. The Province has indicated that this could be a very dry year and that extra caution needs to be taken to ensure a safe riding season. This means taking the time to be very careful when you go riding, and even to not ride when you find out that the backcountry conditions are extremely volatile. Just a quick reminder, that if you do ride, please be sure to take some precautions such as carrying a fire extinguisher, a small shovel, a jug of water and even a collapsible bucket for water.

Registrations are going well for the Poker Ride for 2024. Looks like we will have numbers similar to 2023.

The trails we will use are being planned right now and we have the added features this year of a “trading post” where people will be able to sell, trade or giveaway anything they want, and a beer garden that will be open on 2 nights during the event.

Don’t forget to sign up as soon as possible so as not to miss out on the meals, and/or the t-shirts.

Dates for the event are June 26 – July 02, 2024.

As I mentioned in my last report, the ATVBC AGM and Jamboree are slated for Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, September 19 – 23, 2024. ATVBC will have a couple of Directors whose terms are expiring and who have decided not to let their names stand for another term. This means that ATVBC is looking for a few good men and women to come forward and offer their talents in service of our members by sitting on the Board of Directors. The Nominations Committee is headed up by Director Dale Neufeld, and he has information that he will share in the next couple of weeks.

ATVBC and various other recreation groups had a virtual meeting, in February, with Minister Nathan Cullen, Minister of Land, Water, and Resource Stewardship, to address the concerns related to the proposed Land Act changes and the issues of IPCAs (Indigenous Preservation and Conservation Areas). We like to think that our voices were heard on the subject of the Land Act changes, as this has now been shelved until after the election in the Fall. We have now been able to get a face to face meeting with Minister Cullen, in April, to discuss IPCAs in detail and the potential impacts that these might have on outdoor recreation. In attendance will be ATVBC, 4WDABC, BCSF and BCORMA. We will have details on the meeting in our April newsletter.

Congratulations are also in order to a new ATVBC club, the Kamloops Trailblazers, who joined ATVBC in late January. Their President is Lance Wilson, and they already have quite a few new members. Welcome Trailblazers!!

Don’t forget to sign up for the Poker Ride, and we will see you out on the trails!!

Respectfully submitted

Chris DSilva