Local clubs are the heart of ATVing in BC and ATVBC recognizes the countless hours of work provided by clubs and volunteers across the province. We also understand that clubs and volunteers are already being pulled in so many directions so the last thing we want to do is add to the workload of operating a club.

Insurance benefits are an important aspect of ATVBC’s membership. The protection our insurance coverage provides for Directors, Officers and Volunteers (Ride Leaders) is a core reason for belonging to ATVBC and provides important protection for volunteers. Without insurance coverage, clubs and volunteers are potentially exposing themselves to liability should legal action be taken against them for injuries resulting from a club sanctioned ride or event.

Unfortunately the reality in the insurance industry for the requirement for compliant waivers has forced ATVBC to implement mandatory waivers for all new/renewing memberships, and for guests participating on club rides.

What is a Compliant Waiver?

Individuals signing a waiver must be given the opportunity to review the contents of the waiver prior to signing. Selling a product or service to a customer with a hidden waiver (eg. a ski pass with a waiver on the back) is no longer holding up in the courts.

ATVBC has been informed, by our insurance provider, that without 100% waiver compliance across our membership, our insurance costs could go up dramatically and there is a strong possibility we may no longer be able to secure coverage.

Membership Books

  • As of May 1, 2022 all current membership books will no longer be accepted*. All new and renewing memberships must move to being processed through the ATVBC website due to constantly changing and strict new waiver requirements.
  • Despite continually updating and reissuing membership books, ATVBC still receives membership forms using 10+ year old membership books.
  • All existing membership books must be destroyed for possible* replacement with updated books.
  • The cost of reprinting membership books is significant and ever-changing waiver requirements make it impractical to continue to print membership books.
  • *Clubs who diligently maintain their membership through membership books may request printed membership books at cost. Paper memberships will only be accepted if properly completed including a signed waiver for each member joining/renewing.

Offline Membership Options

Phone-in, mail-in and e-Transfer memberships will no longer be accepted as of May 1, 2022 because there is no practical way of receiving a compliant waiver by phone or when a mail-in membership is received without a compliant waiver.

Online Membership via ATVBC website

As of May 1, 2022, new and renewing memberships will only be available via the ATVBC website.

This will allow ATVBC to maintain a compliant waiver which can be modified quickly as and when required by our insurance provider.


With the move to all new/renewing memberships being processed through the ATVBC website, all new/renewing memberships will be compliant with the new waiver requirements of our insurer as of May 1, 2022.

All riders participating in club sanctioned events and rides, must sign a waiver and the waiver must be submitted to ATVBC via the Waiver Page on the ATVBC website (under development for May 1, 2022).

ATVBC’s policy as of May 1, 2022 is that all participants on club sanctioned rides and events must have signed a waiver. Any rider without a signed waiver on a club ride will not be allowed to participate on the ride or at the event.

Failure to submit waivers to ATVBC for guests on club rides will result in Directors, Officers and Ride Leaders of clubs forfeiting their ATVBC insurance coverage and may result in the club’s Directors, Officers and Ride Leaders being liable and responsible for their own legal costs should litigation arise.

*Club sanctioned event: Event must be organized by a director of the club, and the event must be advertised to all members via usual club communication methods (newsletter, social media, etc.) a minimum of 12 hours, but preferably 3 days, in advance (with exception for emergency trail work, where notice must be published as soon as possible before any work commences).

Waivers for Guests Riders on Club Rides

ATVBC understands getting a signed waiver for all guest riders is a significant new requirement so clubs continue to remain compliant with new waiver requirements being imposed by our insurance provider. We are working to simplify this process as much as possible to simplify collecting and submitting waivers.

Options for Completing Guest Rider Waivers:

  • Online
    a. The guest rider may review and submit the online waiver via the ATVBC website at the trailhead prior to the ride commencing.
  • Paper Waivers
    a. Scan or take a photo of the completed paper waiver form, ensure the contents of the waiver including name and signature of the rider are legible.
    b. Go to the ATVBC Waiver Page
    c. Select the club organizing the ride
    d. Upload the waiver(s)

Questions or suggestions?

If you have questions, or suggestions we would love to hear from you – please email [email protected]

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