I have been away for a few weeks here in May to travel to Morocco and had an opportunity to experience the culture of recreation in Northern Africa. ATVing in different parts of the world really puts perspective on the experiences that we have available to us here in Canada and in particular in BC. We are truly blessed and while I can appreciate the opportunity to make memories of flying through the Sahara Desert on an ATV, it just doesn’t come close to the trails of BC. But it’s a bucket list worth doing for sure!!

After returning from my Moroccan adventure, we got back to work on the planning of the upcoming ATVBC AGM & Jamboree. I am so excited to share we have now opened registration for this historic event!! Check out the Press Release about this event here.

This event is happening on Vancouver Island this year from Sept 19-23rd with guided rides, a night ride, entertainment, activities for all ages including skill building workshops, demos and the famous ice cream parade!!

An important part of our AGM is the nominations for new Board Directors. This year we will have 4-5 spots to fill as we have board directors moving on to other important passion projects. If you or someone you know is a good fit for the ATVBC Board of Directors, please share with them this great opportunity to help shape the future of ATVBC. Nomination packages are here.

I reported last month about our meetings in Victoria with Minister Cullen, Water Lands, Resource Stewardship to talk about self declared IPCA’s and how to understand the process etc. Since this meeting a new publication has come out from our friends at ORCBC that highlights some of the questions we had and can be a great resource for our clubs and members. https://www.orcbc.ca/blog/ipca-101

During our April meeting we requested that Government provide resources on their website to educate the public about IPCA’s to provide clear communication and establish a trusted resource for information for our members. We will continue to follow-up with ministry staff to ensure these resources are developed and our members questions are able to be addressed.

In follow-up to our meeting with Minister Cullen regarding the Land Act changes, we hosted the Minister again in mid-May to speak with members of the BC Power Sports Coalition and our clubs to talk about the Ministries new plans regarding these proposed changes. What we heard in this meeting (attended by over 50 clubs) was that the government no longer would be pursuing these changes, now or in the future. They have been creating land use planning groups (9 to date with 10 more to come) in areas where land use planning is needed and including communities and recreation at the table. We have requested that all groups be including invites to the local clubs to ensure they have an opportunity to engage and represent their members. They further recognized that land use planning is critical, and more pressure is being put on the land base with more recreation users and an open dialogue and cohesive planning process is needed with room for adapting plans to address socio-economic impacts.

The next few months are going to be busy as we prepare for our AGM and continue to work on important land access issues from around the province. Our Advocacy & Land Use Committee is currently working on an important “white paper” to highlight all the ways that government can support motorized sport in BC so we can leverage the upcoming provincial election to bring our concerns and needs forward. If you have something to share or wish to contribute to the work this important committee is doing, please contact us!

Stay tuned for more!