family_1ATV/BC has long heard and understood that we need to better support families and youth.

For 2009 ATV/BC developed a new secondary class of membership with dues reduced for a spouse by $15 vs the price of a primary membership.  At the time the membership committee also recommended that for the next year the board make the necessary bylaw changes and institute an all-inclusive family membership which would allow spouse and children in the same household to join ATV/BC at one low price. The requisite bylaw changes were completed and approved at the AGM in Elkford.
For 2010 the board has approved this new class of membership; a “Family Membership” which includes spouse and children living at the same address. Under this family membership each of Mom and Dad hold voting memberships; children at the same address under age 19 enjoy the privileges of membership except a vote.

A new simpler form allows all family members to be entered on one page, high quality ATV/BC decals and membership cards are issued and mailed from the office independently of the membership forms.  This also allows us to obtain less expensive forms as well as give a confirmation to new members from the provincial association.

Under the new program ATV/BC dues for the 3 classes of membership are as follows:

  • Primary Member: $40 (no change)
  • Secondary Member: $25 (no change, spouse at same address)
  • Family Membership: $75 (new – includes primary + secondary + children under age 19)