Summer motorized sports have taken a major step in working with government and protecting our access to crown land. In August at our Face to Face board meeting held in Chilliwack this year The British Columbia Off Road Motorcycle Association and the Quad Riders ATV Association of British Columbia signed a Memorandum of Understanding on collaboration and cooperation for the benefit of all motorized sports.

We have been working with BCORMA on an informal basis for the last two years but by taking this cooperation to this level our combined voice in dealing with government has increased substantially and they now know when they talk to us they are talking to the whole sport of summer motorized recreation. The value of this agreement can be best summed up in the introduction and purpose of the agreement.


With the increasing population in BC comes added pressure on our Public Lands. In most instances, Motorized Recreational users are represented on many of the issues with regard to back-country access by volunteers, who do not have the financial resources to effectively present factual arguments against the arguments put forward by the multi-million dollar, foreign funded environmental groups and others wanting to control these Public Lands. Therefore the necessity for a united approach to protect our interests.


The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to foster cooperative coordination with government and others on issues which may be in the best interest of both organizations and motorized sports in general. This MOU commits both organizations to work together regarding current or emerging issues currently under review in British Columbia which will directly or indirectly affect Motorized recreation; government initiatives that can and will have a direct effect on Motorized recreation; development of local or province wide Trail systems; local and Provincial initiatives relating to motorized recreation and to enhance and protect the sport of Motorized Recreation on behalf of their members and the motorized sport enthusiast.

This combined approach has made a difference already with government by influencing the decisions tht could affect our combined sports.

We suggest that local clubs make contact with any motorcycle clubs in your area and work together. We have common goals and both want the same thing mainly continued access to crown land.

Terry Wardrop

Letter Kevin Kruger May 5 2010Signed copy

Memorandum of Understanding BCORMA