The framework has been established!  Since the ORV Act was introduced in 2014 several communities have attempted to establish an ORV Bylaw for their town, however were unsuccessful… until now!

Municipal Bylaws cannot supersede provincial legislation such as the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations or the ORV Act, therefore the Bylaw must complement existing provincial legislation, not replace it.

The Village of Tahsis has adopted an ORV Bylaw and declared their streets are a designated off-road vehicle trail to facilitate ORV tourism and legal access to town for fuel/food/accommodation.  This not only promotes safe, legal, and responsible use, it also allows for police and community enforcement of rules and regulations the same as cars and trucks on the road.

With the ORV Act licensing & registration requirements, ORVs can operate on or across highways (public roads) if they purchase ICBC Basic Insurance, which is the same basic insurance you get for your car with this insurance they receive a license plate and decal exactly the same as you do for your car or truck, this allows ORVs to cross at intersections controlled by stop sign or signal light, and also allows them to operate on any highway anywhere else local police authorize through an Operation Permit which is issued for a 2 year term and free of charge (see ICBC bulletins below).

Please feel free to share this information with any other rural towns and communities that may be interested in the increased opportunities that the ORV Act has created for tourism and economic growth as several communities are already reaping the benefits.

Tahsis Welcomes ATV/Quad Riders

Off-Road Vehicle Bylaw No. 608, 2018

ICBC Bulletin MV1457 – Off Road Vehicle Plates

ICBC Bulletin MV1815 – Police Issued Operation Permits

Tahsis realizes the economic potential of ORV tourism